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In most of the old testament bible stories we often say “this is a type of Christ”.
For example we might say Joseph was a type of Christ. Or we might say Noah and his ark was a type of Christ.
But when we look at the story of the TOWER OF BABEL surely we’d have to say IT IS A TYPE OF THE WORLD. Right?

There is a guy named Tainter, who, way back in the 80’s wrote a book about HOW COMPLEX SOCIETIES TEND TO FALL APART.

Well… who would deny that ours is a complex society?

We have complex laws and rules about everything: lightbulbs, toilets, how to build your own house, how your food is grown, delivered, packaged, the list of rules is endless. Now we have masks and c-v crap all over.

Ours is the TOWER OF BABEL multiplied.

What brought down the Tower of babel?
Language confusion? Why, this person was speaking a language of WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME. and the other guy was saying the same thing. And the labor union got involved, and the environmental movement slapped on some annoyance lawsuits and the whole glorious structure of MAN came to naught.

We, today, in our society have been trying so hard to build a tower of babel. Who would deny that that USA is a kind of empire, with bases all over the known world.

How many more complex rules do we need before we see the structure start to crumble???

I think God loves it when man tries to build a glorious tower. He just loves to see us exhaust ourselves and come to naught.

We’re trying to always prove we can get along without Him. But He just chuckles.

We try to build complex societies and God just points to the Cross of Christ.

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