Paul’s Prayers Were Different

Paul’s Prayers Were Different

Oh, good morning you precious saint…
Grace to you.
I have several things on my ‘mornin’ mind.. so this may be more random that my other “note sessions”. Let’s go.

  1. Jesus taught the so-called “Lord’s Prayer” and in it, “Give us our daily bread”… etc. And that’s well and fine, but Paul directions concerning prayer are different.
  2. In Ephesians 1 (starting about 15 or 16) Paul’s prayer for the saints to have a “spirit of wisdom and revelation in the realization of Him” —
  3. In another place (Romans 8?) Paul says our prayers are “groanings which cannot be uttered”… where do we go with that one? Also, in that place (Romans 8) it seems Paul’s foundational thought was based in the phrase that GOD IS WORKING ALL TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD. And that the awareness of it is “for those loving God”.
  4. I bring up the thought that “Paul’s prayers were different” because somehow, in christianity we’re all taught to pray selfish prayers… you know… “God spare me from this pain, and that pain.” etc. But I’m thinking prayer can be something more than “all about me”.
  5. Elaine Remains says “being in pain does make one selfish, I can vouch for that”
  6. Even Paul, towards the end of his career, was having some trouble… and prayed that ‘God would remove that ole thorn in the flesh’. — To which God replied… “My grace is sufficient for you.”
  7. Now, I’m not saying our “selfish” prayers are no good… but lord, have mercy, can we inch toward the place of turning prayer time into more thanksgiving time. After all… all is out of Him, through Him and for Him. It’s a humbling thought really.
  8. To pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation — is a prayer for appreciation of all that God is, does and will be. It’s not so “selfish” but more of a “help me grow up Father.”
  9. And if I recall in Romans 8 and maybe 9… there’s a difference between being “children of God” and “sons of God”… in the lingo of that section, “children” are enjoyers but have no responsibility… but “sons” are more mature and God uses them — or feelings to that effect.
  10. Yeah, Sterling hit it — “praying for the entire creation…” “what a joy.”
  11. Now… this morning, I went over the the Freewill Chick’s little channel… I had posted a question over there and wanted to see her reply. My question had to do with God being at peace with mankind. You see, we get that idea from II CORINTHIANS 5:18-19-20 or so.
  12. Well, she said (more or less) that God IS at peace with mankind “now”… but don’t push it… for God can and will change His mind at any time. Yikes. Any way… Let me post my reply to her here:
    13:  @{KISStheSON}  Now, I can understand how you or maybe me… would be short on patience. But I think we’re talking about God, here. God is love. Love is patient, kind, does not render evil for evil. And somewhere I remember “God’s mercy endures forever.”
    Now I realize you’re quick to dismiss all that love and kindness crap, in favor of some swift, brutal punishment. But, what the hey, I thought I’d bring it up anyway.
    Now don’t get me wrong, dear Kiss, I don’t go for all that “God is too loving to burn folks in endless hell” stuff…. my mind goes back to the cross and what God actually achieved in Christ there.
    It is there that God did not reckon man’s offenses against him. It was there we all were finally conciliated. It was there God became at peace with his creation. It was there Christ became the Last Adam. And the Second Man.
    God is now at peace with mankind. And nothing can disturb that peace for it was purchased by Christ.
    I’m sorry that you struggle with these ideas of God’s eonian purpose. But after all, Paul did say, several times that “this is a secret hid from the ages in God” — or words to that effect.
    The Last Adam. — Such a lovely thought.
    The Second Man. — Such a lovely thought.
  13. Anyway… I finished out my thought with her to hit on the LAST ADAM and the SECOND MAN…. Now those are some lovely thoughts… big, huge, powerful stories in just three little words each. So, allow me to explore these two ideas with you.
    15: THE LAST ADAM… Here we have the story of Adam… Mr. Troublemaker himself. The guy had a “perfect” life, living in a paradise, 70º, sunshine, no clothes, fruit everywhere, good-looking woman, not a care in the world. Then, the dumbass takes us all down the primrose path of thorns and heartache. Adam ate the forbidden fruit. And the tragedy begins. And goes on and on and on… lord have mercy. The ONLY solution is to END THIS STORY… with THE LAST OF HIS KIND: The Last Adam. That would be Christ. He is the Last Adam. He ends the tragedy. The tragedy goes to the cross with Him. We were all crucified there with Him. We were all entombed with Him. The tragedy ends… and thankfully so… a horrible story.
  14. Up next, after a brief intermission so we can all get some pop-corn, is the story of THE SECOND MAN… oh my, what is this? A new story…??? Yes, The Last Adam was a tragedy, but The Second Man is a different story altogether… a “romance” between the Father and the Son. A comedy between disciples and believers and all who have lost their way. A mystery about how it’s gonna turn out and a “who done it”… And finally a story with the happiest of happy endings. Holy smoke.
  15. The Second Man… has so much meaning — just 3 words… but so much. Christ is the Second Man. And it’s a story that doesn’t “end” like the Last Adam… it’s a story that REALLY BEGINS, unlike the First Man story… it REALLY BEGINS. AND IT’s a joy… don’t see an ending to this one… it’s too good for words — as they say “you had to be there” and guess what, you are there… you’re in the Second Man Story… right here and now.
  16. You WERE in the Last Adam story, but that one ended. And you were probably feeling a little let down. But no worries, The Last Adam, when into the tomb, but the SECOND MAN came out of the tomb and lord have mercy… where do we go with this story, so glorious, so powerful…
  17. “Unfolding flower” as suggested by Brother Sterling.
  18. You can find the reference to the Last Adam and the Second Man towards the end of I CORINTHIANS 15… long about verse 56 or so… And guess what… Paul doesn’t spend much time at all on those two lovely metaphors… and no wonder… they are such beautiful figures of speech that we all should get it right away. The last Adam and the second Man… sucks us right into piecing it all together in our minds — and you almost can’t come to the wrong conclusion, regarding those terms.
  19. The only way you can go wrong with those metaphors… is to NOT look at them at all. One time, I asked the Freewill Chick, “Who is greater, the First Adam, or the Last Adam?” — and you know, I had to ask her several times… as she would not answer. You know the answer. The Last Adam, (Christ) is greater and UNdoes all that the first Adam did, thank the Lord. There’s no way you can get around it… Thank God, that His Son is the Last Adam. Thank God that His Son is the Second Man.

Thank you so much for spending some time with me. If you like this stuff… leave a comment, thumbs up, subscribe, hit the bell, and all that stuff.

Till next time, Rejoice in the Last Adam and the Second Man.

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