Stacy was justified when Christ rose from the dead.

It was God’s work in the cross of Christ.
Many things were accomplished in the cross of Christ. Salvation and justification, just to name two.
Now, since faith is a part of salvation and justfication, we could say that faith was accomplished there as well. Faith was granted to Stacy just a few years ago, but it was achieved on the cross and put on display in the resurrection.
Many things were accomplished on the cross, yet most folks are completely unaware of what was done there. But just because they are unaware of it’s achievement does not mean it’s achievements are lacking in any way.
And since salvation and justification are God’s work, we may trust that God will do His work to completion.
If God intends to save all (I Tim 2:4) then we may trust Him to carry on in whatever manner He chooses to accomplish His purpose (EPH 3:11).
If God intends to save only some, then again, we may trust Him in all matters.
For… human destiny is entirely dependent on the purposes of God.
Stacy has said, in so many words, that she “believes” she was not saved by Christ’s death and resurrection. But instead, she was saved by “her belief” in the death and resurrection.
In other words, she places the actually saving power in “her belief” and very little in the achievements of the cross.
In other words, she believes in her belief.
She trusts her trust.
She has faith in her faith.
If, indeed, it is her belief, trust, faith that saves her, what was the point of the suffering of the Christ? He died in vain.
Stacy could just as easily have “faith” in any number of things, if “faith” is the actual thing that saves.
I personally do not trust “my faith”.
My faith, at times, is weak.
I would rather trust the faith of Christ. After all, His faith resulted in His resurrection.
And according to Paul, Christ’s faith resulted in our salvation and justification as well.
There is a story, of a bridge-operator, whose son was playing out on the bridge. And a ship unexpectedly showed up, a party vessel, and the bridge operator had to choose; open the bridge and save the people on the ship, and his son would die… or leave the bridge down and the people would die, but his son would live.
He opened the bridge, his son died. He saved the people on board that ship.
Did they “believe”?
No, but they were saved none-the-less.
They were saved BEFORE they even heard the news that someone’s son had died for them.
It would make sense to find each person on that ship and tell them the news that someone died to save them. It might humble them.
In a similar way, God’s Son died for us. Even if we never hear the news. Even if we hear and don’t believe. It is true none-the-less.
It is up to God to grant faith to each one.
At the moment, Paul says, “not for all is the faith.”
But our lack of faith does not deny any achievement of the death of His son.
One by one, we’ll have to approach all who were saved by the death of the son and tell them the good news. Hearts will melt. Knees will bow, tongues will acclaim that Jesus is Lord.
I have mention to Stacy before, that “every knee will bow and every tongue will acclaim that Jesus is Lord.”
But she tends to discount the notion. She tends to infer that it’s “too late” to do any good.
But the context of every knee bowing and every tongue acclaiming is WONDERFUL. On one side is the death of the Son of God, on the other side is “the glory of God”.
Right there in the middle is every knee bowing and every tongue acclaiming.
Yes, Stacy and everyone else was justified when Christ rose from the death.

The resurrection is a big deal.

So much so, that Paul said “I am determined to know nothing among you except Christ and Him crucified.
It is the work of God to grant each one faith at the appropriate time.
So much was accomplished on the cross.
We need to begin our search there. And for surely, we will end our search there.
He died for (because of) all.
He died for (because of)our offenses.
He was roused for (because of) our justification.
Again, see Romans 4:25.

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