Dear Friend of the James Gang,
“And certain men came from James” (Gal 2:12)

Ain’t it funny you keep blasting away at “my teachers”… when I keep quoting one of my “teachers” you dismiss him altogether… but he was so good that he got 13 letters included in the Bible.

His name is Paul. You might have heard of him. You see, God gave it to Paul to COMPLETE THE WORD OF GOD, he says so at least twice in his letters.

He knew your buddies from James were trouble. He even wished they would “cut themselves off” — a double entendre for sure.

He taught us a different gospel, than that of the circumcision. You should check it out.
I don’t know which church you go to, but I bet you’ve NEVER heard a sermon based on Galatians 2:12.

I personally have been to many churches and heard at least 4,000 sermons in my days as a regular “christian”. And I never did hear a sermon on Galatians 2:12. But it’s bible. As much as John 3:16. If not more so.
When James sent his boys to Antioch to mess with them, it caused Paul to raise some hell with them and with Peter.

Paul’s message is unique you see, and should not be mixed in with the circumcision gospel, least there be a great confusion.
Paul’s gospel is called THE GOSPEL OF GRACE. — for a reason.
Now those from James have successfully convinced most believers today that Paul is to be avoided. It’s kinda deep when you think about it.
Most sermons in churches these days are based on Jesus’ words – especially when the verse is kind of a platitude thing.

But Paul… let’s avoid him altogether.

Before I discovered the GOSPEL OF GRACE, I really did see with my own eyes, certain brothers and sisters kind of get booted out of church for considering Paul too much.
I did not understand why they left, only that those brothers and sisters were really sweet, and never said or did anything negative or untoward. Still, they were given the right foot of fellowship.
Years later, when I became a student of Paul, I, myself, got booted out of church. It hurts ya know.

There are very few bible teachers across the country that focus on Paul’s gospel. But those that I have met or listened to seem to be the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful folks I’ve ever met.
Anyway, since you’ve put down “my teachers” I thought I’d introduce you to one. His name use to be Saul, but after God called him, he was called Paul. (Paul means “pause” by the way–might be significant).
You should check him out. He doesn’t play games like “certain men from James.”
Grace to you.
Linwood, of the pagan brethern.

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