The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #60 The Teachings Of The Eons. Part Five: Regarding Grace Todd

The Ace Theological Company’s
95 Theses #60
The Teachings Of The Eons.
Part Five: Regarding Grace Todd
Find her book here:
The book costs $5 or so, if you want a PDF, scroll around on the site, and you’ll find free digital copies of their books.

5:45 a.m.
Thursday, March 3rd, 2022
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 Regarding Grace Todd, Dear Saint, 

There is much to brag about her. Unlike my Great Aunt “Lizzy”… Grace Todd is not known to be a “bossy Lizzy”.
The only thing we know about Grace, is that she wrote a little book called “EONIAN: Everlasting or Age-Lasting?”
And get this… it’s not a book filled with opinions.
Instead it’s a “concordant study”. And that’s important.
I’ll tell you why. — Most of “christainty” is filled with guys with opinions. Not many of them are filled with “facts”… just wonderful, most-excellent “opinions” — and it’s not like there is much choice at the buffet we called “church”.
They all have mostly the same “opinions”…
And they “opinion” is this: God is pretty much like us. Only grumpier. And He gave us this “freewill” and fully expects us to use it properly to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.
Basically, the modern day “church” we’ve all come to know and love is a “bossy Lizzy” movement. They’re going tell you how to behave and live your life, and how you’re going to pay a HUGE PRICE if you don’t behave.
Well… we don’t know a dang thing about Grace Todd. At least I don’t. All I know is there is this little 48-page booklet complied by her. It’s called:
“EONIAN: Everlasting or Age-Lasting?”
And, unlike all those “self-help” books or “daily devotional” books… this one, really turns your head and your heart to God.
It’s a complete listing of all the Bible verses where the word AION shows up. AION is age… or EON… and the adjective form AIONIOUS is also listed.
One long list of every place… it shows up… so that you can see with your own itty-bitty eyes… that… God has something different in mind than that ole threat of endless conscious punishment.
And, by FORCING you (the reader) to look at every listing that uses the word AION and/or AIONIOUS… you are (kind of) looking straight into the eyes of God.
You see, the way the popular Bible translators handled this word (aion) reveals they were not seeing God. They were instead worshiping man and man’s freewill and importance in this great scheme of God.
But Grace Todd… is a clever ole granny. (She’s been dead a long time.) Grace Todd drags us through every verse in the Bible where God uses this wonderful TIME word and shows that God, was consistent…. Unlike our popular bible translators.
God bless Grace Todd.
If you were on the hang-out last night… I opened up a PDF of her booklet. And we scrolled around on the book. I actually read the book way back in 1980 or so… and I forgot how great the book was.
It was pure. No fluff. Just the facts. Here’s a screen shot of page 7… Notice the word in italics… that’s the word AION.

In this screen shot, it’s mostly the word AION found in I Corinthians… and most of the time, the KJV here translates the word AION as “world”
On page 4 of her book, she points out that the “Bible” as most folks know it… speaks of two conflicting ideas, namely:
1. “World without end”… (Eph 3:21)
2. “End of the world”… (Matt 24:3)
What a hoot… world without end, and end of the world…
Keep in mind — we’re not just picking on a rare, quirky result of translation effort… no… the Bible is filled with this kind of “quirkiness”… contradictions, inconsistencies, laughable awkwardness, and things that — once you see the truth — will make you mad at bible translators on the whole.
God bless Grace Todd.
Her book is a rare, amazing example of grace and love. Not because she is preaching grace and love… no… she is bringing you to God, via His word.
Her only tool is a concordance.
It’s hard to argue with a concordance. A concordance doesn’t give you the definition of a word… (although some start out the listings with a definition)… but a concordance’s purpose is to SHOW YOU WHERE THAT WORD SHOWS UP so you can determine for yourself what the word means— by its usage.
God Bless Concordances. — You have to know… most bible “preachers” hate concordances. Why? Because concordances lead their “faithful” followers astray, every time.
A concordance study will get you kicked out of Sunday school class… most of the time.
You see, the TRUTH is that which accords with the FACTS. And a concordance is a book of facts.
You could do a “concordant” study on AION like Grace Todd… or you could do a concordant study on “soul”… or “Hell” … or “love”… or any number of topics in the Bible. And of course you want a “concordant” study of the Greek or Hebrew word, not man’s translations… you want God’s vocabulary.
So, for the most part Grace Todd is not “write” a book.. Grace Todd “compiled” a listing of every place where AION (or the Hebrew OLAM) shows up.
And you can see with your own eyes when the Bible translators said AION or OLAM was “age” or “eternal”… “world” or “time”… “ever” or “never”… you see, they were all over the board regarding this precious Greek word (aion).
God Bless Grace Todd.

 I believe her book is more important to the truth than all the “daily devotionals” you can find at the christian book store. 
Just imagine, meditating on God’s revelation… as God originally gave us His words. 
  God makes the eons on His Son. (Hebrews 1:2) 
  God makes the purpose of the eons in Christ Jesus, our Lord. (Eph 3:11)

 God bless Grace Todd…. 
  And God bless you. 
 Thanks for joining me, this morning. 
 6:43 a.m. 
 Grace to you. 

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