The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses Regarding that “Christ” Thing # 46

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Good morning, Brothers and Sisters.

I think I have a good show (?) Nah.. some good thoughts… for you… but I’m a little afraid to go down this road, as not many do because there are so many who pretend to be going down — the opposite way. Rambling. Let’s give it a try.

  • A few days ago, we hammered on the idea that Paul says HE BELONGS TO GOD. — It’s like he is saying, I’m the slave of God and you better not be messing with me, or you’ll be messing with God, ‘cause I am His.
    Way back… 1972… I was just a kid, 19 years old. I had just joined the military and was stationed in Rantoul, Illinois. I started going to the local “Assembly of God” church, (as I recall) and there was this cutie there named Judy… 17? 18? — Not only was she cute as a pack of speckled puppies, but she was excited about her christianity. More excited than any of the kids back in my old church in Virginia. And that in itself was attractive to me. — Keep in mind this gal had dimples. (It’s an important part of the story.)
    Anyway, she “loved” God… enthusiastically… she was bubbly. I was smitten. In one of the church meetings she stood up and testified that she was so happy because … and I quote “GOD IS ON MY SIDE”.
    At the time, I didn’t know sh*t from Shine-ola (an old shoe polish from the 1930’s.)

    Well… when this cutie said “I’m so happy because God is on my side.” … Why, I had never heard any such enthusiasm from the girls back home. I too loved God. And she was for me. We’re all young and dumb at some time, huh.
    I’m bringing up this chick not because she was great, but because she, (and I) were “dumb”… to say GOD IS ON MY SIDE… OMG, that is the height of missing the point. (And don’t forget, “missing the mark, missing the target, missing the point” is the very definition of SIN.) … So, saying GOD IS ON MY SIDE in this case was SIN for that cute little thing.
    Here’s the deal: Paul says “I am God’s.” in Acts 27. He did not say “God is on my side”. So, this chick from my past was not relying on God, she was using the “god thing” as a good luck charm of sorts.
    “God is on my side.” indeed.
    Here is how Paul phrased it, when he said “I am God’s” — Like “I am God’s property.”
    Acts 27:23 For there stood beside me this night
    a messenger of God, Whose I am,
    to Whom I am offering divine service also,
    …”Whose I am…”
    God is not on our side. We belong to Him. Big difference. Way back in the 1970’s I was just as much a duffas (sp?) as that Illinois chick. I was enthusiastic for God… but clueless as to the truth concerning many things.
  • Regarding “THE TRUTH”… Let’s get something straight right here, right now… There are so many folks out there who have highjacked this word (TRUTH) and sling it around as if they know what they are talking about. So, come closer boys and girls, I’ll tell you what THE TRUTH is — The “truth” is that which accords with the facts. And ya have to know, there are plenty of folks who prattle on and on about many things except THE FACTS. — And we’re not just talking about religion. The truth is that which accords with the facts… applies to science, news reporting, politics, sports, you name it. There is no such thing as “My Truth”… That’s a bull shit idea. If “your truth” is leaving aside the facts of the discussion, you’re just a confused little kid. OK… back to this cutie from 1972… God was on her side. And she was thrilled about the idea. But, as you might imagine, her joy and enthusiasm was about as stable as her blood sugar levels. God is not on your side. Get that out of your mind. You belong to Him. He may dispose of you any way he sees fit. Paul says “I am God’s”.
    1. Regarding “this Christ thing”….
      So… a few days ago, we prattled on about how Paul belongs to God…and so do we. Then, we prattled on about how God is the Father of all. And all that that might mean. Now, I want to explore some thoughts about how “christians” pretend to be soooooo in love with Christ…or in love with Jesus Christ… or in love with Jesus… but like that chick from the 1970’s — It’s a ruse… a misdirection… a complete misunderstanding of what’s going on in God’s grand purpose….
      Here’s what I’m thinking… Those guys (regular ole “christians”) don’t really “love Jesus”… they just highjack a few verses or highjack a few elements of the story of Christ… and use it as a badge of belonging.
      I don’t know how to say this so as not to piss off our religious brethren… but here goes… Paul marginalizes Christ… in favor of God… but Paul also exalts Christ far above anything the 12 went on about. It’s weird.
      So… in doing my best to be a student of the scriptures… and trying to fill my mind, my heart and my soul with the evangel of our salvation… I too find myself “marginalizing” Christ. — For example, I pray to “the Father”… I don’t make any prayers “to Christ”. Now, I might make a prayer “in the name of Christ”… but for sure… my prayers to “to God” or “to the Father”.
      And when I survey the purpose of God… I do see that Christ has the major role to play in it all… but it’s God’s purpose… not Christ’s. You see, Christ (like Paul) is God’s.
      I think we have the right to “marginalize” Christ… after all, in Philippians it says “He humbled Himself”… get it??? He marginalized Himself.

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6:50 a.m. – Onward…

  1. I wonder, if this chick from the 1970’s is a bit more humble today. In the 70’s she was saying “God is on my side.” Hopefully today, she’s saying “I am God’s.”
    You see, Christ had every reason to be — shall we say — “proud” of His lofty position… as He was “equal” with God, and it was not a pillaging thing, don’t cha know. But … and get this… He humbles Himself. I mean really humbles Himself… like eating shine-ola kind of thing. Eating humble pie.
    Now I’m suggesting that regular ole “christians” — they don’t worship this humble-pie eating guy… they are like my sweetie from the 70’s… they are so sure “God is on their side”… oh my.
    They pray to “Jesus”… but do they pray to “God”… or better yet, do they pray to God as “Father”… ?
    I’m not preaching at these guys, really, I’m just preaching to myself… and if you guys get a thrill out of my foggy thoughts, all the better.
    It’s easy enough to see that the “christian” world loves baby Jesus more than they do that fella on the cross. Babies release that serotonin — or whatever — and women coooooooo. So, baby Jesus… we’re all in. But this nasty mess on the cross… quick, change the channel.
    I’m thinking that it’s important to marginalize “Jesus”.. in the same ways that Paul marginalized Him. And to exalt Him in the same way Paul exalted Him. The reason to do this… is so that we’re not confused about God’s purpose.
    God sent Christ to Earth. God sent Christ to the cross. “God was in Christ, conciliating the world to Himself” (II COR 5:18-20)
    It’s a weird plan… to humble Christ to the point of death on the cross… only to exalt Him and His name above all names… so that at the name of “Jesus” every one will throw their hats way in the air and start a glorious, never-ending party… honoring Him… oh my.
    So, I’m thinking that “christianity” has made an idol out of Jesus… and they don’t “honor God as God” (See Romans 1:25) — Remember, the Illinois chick? She was using God as a good luck charm.
    One of God’s major jobs is to bring us all down a notch or two. — To make us eat humble pie. And boy, doesn’t He do a good job of that.
    1. “WHO IS JESUS?” — That’s what I’m trying to think aloud with you … about… How does He fit into this big picture? Can He be ignored? Can we ignore His teaching in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? Can we allow that Christ brought us to God?
      His “teachings” and His accomplishments on the cross are two different things. They are barely related to each other. His “teachings” for for Israel, concerning the upcoming eon. His achievement on the cross goes beyond the eons. It includes all in the eons; Israel, ‘gyptians, Noahites, people in Saticoy, California… you name it. His work on the cross, brought us to God.
      The regular ole christians are not sure that Christ brought us to God. They clearly insist that we must do THIS and THAT… in order to get to God.
      And get this… when they pretend to “love” the teachings of Jesus… they are very fickled about it all. They don’t “pluck out” their eye… they don’t “chop off their hand”… none of them do, nor do they recommend it… even though Jesus “taught” such things
      And there are plenty of things Jesus taught that they have no friggin’ idea what it means… for example, Jesus went on and on about “the abomination of desolation, spoken of by the prophet Daniel”… Name one regular ole “christian” who has a clue about that stuff… and yet they “claim” to follow Jesus’ teachings.
      — SIDE NOTE: I don’t follow Jesus’ teaching. Instead, I am a recipient of His achievements on the cross. I am a recipient of God’s gracious kindness, though I’ve done nothing to earn a bit of His kindness. And I recommend to anyone… don’t be chopping off your hand, and don’t be plucking out your eyes… and don’t worry about the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel… it doesn’t concern you. But God’s GRACE… yeah… you’re in baby. You’re in .
      In a sense, they make a big to-do of “Jesus” (especially around Christmas time). But in reality they make a big mess of things by saying “God is on my side.” — in so many words.
      Who is Jesus?
      He is what we know of God.
      The image of God.
      The firstborn of creation.
      Equal with God.
      God’s creative original.
      The alpha. The omega.
      He’s the one with the name… the name above every name.
      All is made through Him, for Him, and in Him.
      And… if I spend the rest of my life, never making a prayer “to Jesus”…. Instead, making all my prayers to the Father… I can’t imagine Jesus would even notice. After all, He came to bring us all to the Father.
      God is NOT on my side. I am His. Christ is His. You are His. All are His. — And there’s something about the hairs on our head being numbered. No detail is random. All is out of, through, and for God.
      If I’m missing something regarding this Christ thing… scroll down and leave your comments. Straighten me out.
    THANKS for joining me this morning, looking over my shoulder.
    Moon, Sterling, Greg, Cade, Daniel…
    Check back later, and we’ll do a READING of this show. About 9 a.m. my time (mountain).
    Grace to you.
    And peace. (Peace is important.)

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