I live in Mormon-Town USA.
I use to be in with a spinoff of the Witness Lee “local church” dudes.
The two groups are very much alike.
They both call themselves a “recovery” movement. Yes, that’s right, they think they are “recovering” some things that were lost years ago.
But as I see it, they both are full of pride.
I think they should join together.
They both dress alike: suits and ties to “go to meeting’”.
They both are gracious to your face but think you’re a fool behind your back.
They both have their own special bible that reinforces they THEY ARE THE TRUE CHURCH.
They both own lots of real estate, (church property) so it puts them in good standing with the ruling authorities. — and unlike the early church, they’d find it hard to walk/run away from it all at the drop of a Roman sword.
Hang on… it get worse…
They both believe in FREEWILL.
The Mormons love free will and “free agency” so much they shoved that word all over their beloved “book of Mormon.”
I haven’t read Witness Lee’s Bible (the so-called “Recovery Version) but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t stick “freewill” in it too.
Now… this part is really weird:
Neither group believes much in “HELL”… like the baptists, etc.
But they do believe in “ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES” for not making the right decisions here on earth.
What are those “consequences”???
Well, the Mormons believe they are going to get their own planet to rule on, with God, for ever and ever and ever and etc. (It’s a real estate thing. Beach front property, if you’re a Mormon.)
The Witness Lee dudes, also believe… they too will rule with Christ for ever and ever and ever and so forth.
Neither one of those groups ever asked, WHEN WILL RULE EVER END?
(See I COR 15:20-28 for the prophecy of the end of rule.)
How cute… Become a Mormon or become a “Local Church” member and you get to RULE AND REIGN WITH CHRIST FOR EVER AND EVER.
Over whom, pray tell, will you rule?
You don’t send folks into hell like the Baptists, but you leave them in a half-ass, non-reconciled, state of corruption so that they NEED to be ruled over?
Come on Witness… Come on Joseph… get it together.
If you’re going to “recover” any truth at all… why not recover that “God was in Christ, conciliating the world to Himself, not reckoning their offenses to them… and is giving to us the word of the conciliation. (II COR 5:19-20)

Why would both you dudes “recover” the “truth” that you’re the exclusive church and no one else is the church???

Opps.. coffee is ready… maybe I’ll write more later.

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