The three words are “all in all”… found at the end of I Corinthians 15:20-28.
As I see the big pictures, these three words are the biggest words in the whole bible.
They reveal everything we all truly long for.
They make the whole world make sense.

Let’s take a look.

The idea behind God being ALL IN ALL… is this:
God will NOT be all in SOME.
Nor, will God be SOME in all.
And neither will be be SOME in SOME.
Those notions belong to the “freewill” teaching.

According to FREEWILLERS, man has a so-called “freewill” and God just can’t do anything about it.

They say — God desires man to behave and God will reward mankind if they behave, but God really has no control over the situation. Poor God.

In that situation God is like an old jewish mother with a stubborn, rebellious child, who throws up her arms and says “What’s a mother to do?????”

Essentially saying “Don’t blame me, that child has a mind of its own.”

Well… the freewilers clearly teach that God can’t be blamed for sending sinners to hell. Oh no… man did that to himself, they say.

“You can only blame yourself for going to endless hell, after all, God did everything he could do.” They say.

But over on Paul’s side of the camp… there is no big, bad, human “freewill”.

Oh sure, man has a will, but it’s nothing like a “free” will. Man’s will is ENTANGLED much more than it is “free”.

Our will is entangled with our nationality, our hair color, the desire to be liked, the bad pizza we ate last night, the pebble in our shoe, rejection from a love interest, poor understanding of our own psychology, lack of money… many, many things.

The idea that mankind has a “freewill” is pure bullshit, (pardon my french).

If man truly has a “freewill” how in the world would God ever get to be ALL IN ALL?

It’s not even a close thought.

Would freewill-man make God all… in all?

Wow… what a thought huh? That freewill-man would take a lower position and make God all, in all.

Keep in mind, that according to freewill teaching, man has a “free” will and God cannot force man to do anything. Therefore, if God is to be all in anything, it is man who makes it happen.

— the coffee is ready, so maybe I’ll continue these thoughts later..


Freewill — is really a “man glorifying” thought.
If God create man, and gives him a so-called “freewill” and man comes along and ruins everything… it would seem that God is reckless, careless, and more or less a buffoon.

The only way God can be all, in all, is if God pulls it all off.
If man is in charge of final, human destiny… God would never be all, in all.
God might be MORE in some than he is in others, but nowhere near all… in all.

As A.E. Knock once said:

Human destiny is determined entire by the purpose of God.

The purpose of man is fickled.
The freewill of man is so sketchy that we should be fearful to even suggest it has any real, long-lasting reach or influence.

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