Just the other day, a “christian” said to me “God created the potential for evil, but not evil.”
Well sir, that’s not what ISA 45:7 says.
There is only one God, not two gods battling it out. Just one God, the creator of all. Good and evil.
The problem comes when you think in terms of evil being “endless” as in never-ending torment for the wicked.
NOTE: The word “ETERNAL” is not really in the bible. The word often translated “eternal” is sometimes translated “AGE” when the context makes it’s meaning obvious. My point… if God created evil, and it’s a temporary thing, for a purpose, then OK, we can accept it all and trust God’s purpose. But if evil is eternal, then, YIKES, how do we fit that into our little brains?
There is a great book out there on this topic: THE PROBLEM OF EVIL AND THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD, by A. E. Knoch.
I read that book years ago, and it was very helpful.
I’m reminded of this, because Zender did a great youtube post today this very topic. Enjoy. And leave me a comment.

 {KISStheSON}  Dear Kiss…
If you were to ask me what one verse or passage proves that God is the Savior of all, and is operating all things after the counsel of His will, I’d most embrace I COR 15:20-28.
When I first read the passage, after spending many years in the evangelical circles… I had no idea what Paul was talking about.
The language was new and strange to me.
The IN was in the wrong place… I “knew” and had been trained that “all IN Christ” would be made alive. But this passage had it all wrong. It said “IN Christ ALL”. That placement of the word IN confused me so much.
It must be wrong, as it was not what I was taught.
And what about this business of “He must reign UNTIL” — Paul must be smoking dope or something… Doesn’t he “know” that “Christ will reign “forever and ever”??? What is this “UNTIL” business.
And, how to we handle this “abolition”
of death? I had been taught that death is the wages of sin, and that the wages of sin was endless hell. So, how are we to stuff this into our understanding. That “death”, the wages of sin, will be abolished?
Everything about these 8 verses confused me when I first read the passage.
And what about this “All in All” business?
After hearing thousands of sermons from hundreds of evangelical preachers, not one of them dared touch these three words: All in All.
But even though they never mentioned “all in all”… I still got the message from them that the net result would be “all who are left”… certainly not “All”.

But even though they never mentioned “all in all”… I still got the message from them that the net result would be “all who are left”… certainly not “All”.
I was supposed to be a “Bible believing” Christian… but I could not “believe” these strange words of Paul. I could not embrace them. I could not relish them.
Either I was wrong, and all my teachers were wrong, or Paul on a different page… how o how, to solve this problem. I took me years to unlearn my evangelical training.
It took me years to see that I COR. 15:20-28 is perhaps the real core of God’s revelation.
that… in Christ all…
that… death will be abolished…
that… Christ will reign until…
that… God will be All in All. Yours,

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