4 Questions For The James Gang

Dear James Gang…
“…and certain men came from James”- (Galatians 2:12)
Us gentile brethern have a question or two for you.
Hopefully you can read… and answer without a blizzard of words… a simple YEA or NEIGH will do.

  1. Is Salvation the work of God?
    Or is it a cooperative work between the Almighty God and the less-than-mighty man???
    You see…. we’ve been taught by Brother Paul, that even the faith that saves is “of” and “from” God… not self-generated, as you guys from James seem to say.
  2. If Salvation is the work of God, and Christ died to save all, then wouldn’t it be a problem if all were not eventually saved? We’d have to say something went wrong, don’t you agree? We’d have to say some greater power interfered with the Saving Work Of God, right? And if anything can truly interfere with God’s saving work, then that “thing” has more power and more intent than God’s power and intent, agreed?
  3. Is it wrong to believe that God’s saving work is as big as His creative work? And that creation and salvation are essentially the same work by the same God?
  4. When Peter came to Antioch, we were having fun. We were recipients of Grace and enjoying it. You guys showed up and we felt like strangers in our own house — question is — how did you pull that off? It ain’t right, whatever it was. If you’re going to be all about THE LIST of RULES and REGULATIONS… can’t you just do that among your Jewish brethern? And kinda leave us alone? I mean I wouldn’t want you to give up your LISTS of DO’s and DON’Ts. But Paul told us “for freedom Christ frees us.” And it’s a wonderful message. But you James guys, and Peter and John, don’t get it.
    Finally… keep in mind, God never gave us the law. And Paul points out that the law was given so that sin might INCREASE anyway (Romans 5:20)… so good luck with that.
    The Gentile Brethern

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