AN OPEN LETTER TO MICHAEL THUNDER ABOUT “THE JAMES GANG” (They seek to establish their own righteousness.)

 @michael Thunder  I know the Bible as well as most folks ’round here. And I certainly know the bible better than most typical christians… and get this… for the past few years my favorite verse has been “AND CERTAIN MEN CAME FROM JAMES”
Now, why would I pick up on that verse? It’s because it shows a dynamic that went on in Paul’s day… with Paul’s work… and those who would destroy his work.
The fundamentalists tell us to “love God’s word” and that “IT’S ALL INSPIRED” and such…. well… what about AND CERTAIN MEN CAME FROM JAMES???
That little verse packs quite a punch.
It should strike fear into our hearts about the poison that a PRIDE MESSAGE can contain.
If you check out Galatians two… “they came to spy out our freedom”… and the rough and tumble brawl Paul got into with Peter and those dudes from James…. something was going down there that I NEVER heard discussed in all my years of “going to church”.
Why? Why did not one preacher ever, ever, ever bring up the FIST FIGHT revealed in Galatians two??? It’s because it would reveal their ruse.
When I hear The James Gang tell me “YOU MUST DO THIS” or “YOU MUST DO THAT”… it sounds a lot like the serpent telling Eve, “YOU WON’T REALLY DIE.”
Both messages start with the word “YOU”… And thus, they take their eyes off God and God’s purpose, plan, promises and word.
“you”, “you”, “you”,
The word YOU, I, ME, and MINE are the Freewiller’s wet dream word.
Remember Paul says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness, etc. ???
To me The James Gang is all about “flesh and blood” — like what you can see… and what you can “prove”… like the Pharisee who stands in public to pray… so he can be seen and adored by the crowds.
“Everyone can see that I prayed.”
(Prayed what, the so-called “sinners’ prayer?”)
Paul says they should whack their own weener.
Strong language.
Proof that this is a serious problem.
Years ago, I knew a brother named Will Powell… whose son committed suicide due to these James Gang christians who infected his mind with a NO WIN situation.
“You MUST please God, but you can NEVER please God.” — type of thing.
Brother Powell was really hurt over losing his son.
The James Gang will never accept responsibility for the bull shit chaos they sling at us like monkeys with poo.
And you have to know, that Will Powell’s son is not the only one who could not see his way out of that mess.
In fact… Paul… in the first two chapters of Romans has The James Gang’s number… when he says… “you command to not steal, yet YOU are stealing” and “You say NOT to commit adultery yet YOU are committing adultery”… and “YOU are a teacher of minors”.
A teacher of minors? Wow, what an insult to the pushers of law and works. Would that they cut themselves off.
The verse “AND CERTAIN MEN CAME FROM JAMES” should give anyone the freedom to despise the James Gang. Bunch of meddling busy-bodies, and stinking of self-righteousness.
Grace to you Michael.
The favor granted to those who do not/ can not/ dare not earn it.

P.S. The other day I posted a video about that Calvary Chapel dude from Canada who said “GOD OFFERS GRACE” — About how ridiculous it is to suggest that “GRACE” is offered… You see, if it’s “offered” you must meet the qualification of the “offer” to get the grace. And if you meet the qualifications… grace ceases to be grace. It becomes something earned, merited, and deserved.
God operates in grace.
God does not “offer” grace.
Our message is about God.
God’s work. God’s purpose. God’s glory in His Boy.
Their message is all about man and what man must do the take up the slack in God’s operations of grace.
They’re nuts.
May they cut themselves off.
12 Would that those who are raising you to insurrection struck themselves off also!

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