Most churches are built around self-righteous thinking.
The preacher will read ONE VERSE and then grandstand for an hour.
Church members who stay… are mere YES MEN.
They don’t think much. They don’t challenge the thinking.
They just go along with the self-righteous B.S.
But if you THINK… if you ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS… they will kick you out.
You’re suppose to accept this “trinity” crap at face value.
You’re suppose to accept this “freewill” crap at face value.
You’re suppose to accept this “endless hell” crap at face value.
Those things are superstitious myths.
They have nothing to do with the plan and purpose of God.
The only solution (at least for me) was to discover that Paul’s letters to the pagans (non-jews) contain the road map, the truth, the answers that satisfy.
You see, most of the bible is for and about the Jews.
God has a special deal for them. But it was based in works.
Then, along comes Paul and reveals that God has put Israel aside and is showing GRACE TO THE NATIONS.
And WORKS is not part of the deal. It’s just GRACE.Grace means favor of God shown the those who deserve the opposite of favors.
Paul reveals that one day God will save, reconcile and justify all humanity.
Read it for yourself. Paul’s letters — 13 little letters.
In fact, Paul begins his ministry to the Pagans by telling them something you’ll NEVER hear in “church” — he tell them…“God gives life, and breath, and all…to all.”
See Acts 17.
He tells the Roman saints “All is out of Him, through Him and for Him.”
See Romans 11.
He tells the Ephesian saints “God is operating all things after the council of His own will.”
See Ephesians 1.
You don’t have to get your butt back into church.
Just sit down and read and re-read Paul’s letters.
It will blow your mind.
“God gives life, and breath, and all…to all.”
No wonder, Paul tells the Corinthians that one day, God will be all, in all.

If you want more information about this topic, you can go to the site. Or check out Martin Zender’s youtube channel or Michael Knotts youtube channel.

Being a church reject is a good thing, really.
Nice to meet cha.

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