Once again you completely missed the premise. You are claiming that Christ dying for everybody’s sins and rising again is useless unless they “respond correctly“. In other words you are making each person to be their own savior. Are you even thinking about these things? Do you ever say out loud what you are actually espousing? It’s insane.

Why do billions and billions of people not “respond the right way”?? Ohhhhh I see, you are lifting yourself above them. So Christ did the exact same thing for those billions of people as he did for you, 2000 years ago, but somehow your “response“ earned you a happy eternity while they are “lost forever“. PURE SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

You have turned “believing” into one big giant work. Ironic.

But like I said, your huge stumbling block is that you have no clue whatsoever concerning the “ages“ which the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures talk about. You foolishly call everything “eternal“. This continues to be your huge stumbling block.

Also, you have spun some crazy idea out of your own brains saying that the death of Christ only saves human beings from the “first death“. The Scriptures never teach such a thing anywhere whatsoever. Death is death. Christ saves from all death, and at the consummation death will be abolished. This includes the second death. Why are you so against such glorious truth? I thought you loved everybody? Shouldn’t you be rejoicing about this glorious evangel? Instead, you fight against it. That is sad. But like I said, your huge stumbling block is that you do not discern the Hebrew and Greek scriptures talking about the “ages/eons“. But you call everything “eternity“ because you are locked up in men’s traditions.

I have attempted to reason with you from the Scriptures and from logic. I will probably have to move on at this point. But as I said earlier, you seem like a nice enough lady. May God and Christ yet, draw you in and turn the lights on even though you kick against it with your smart alec fatalistic “sovereignty“ remarks.

Christ died for my sins and rose again whether I “respond correctly“ or not. He saved me at the cross no matter how I feel about it right now. But your huge stumbling block is that you do not realize that everybody will come into the knowledge of the truth as the ages unfold. That is your huge stumbling block, and so you run around threatening people with “eternal consequences“. It’s irrational and it’s disgusting.

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