Friday, July 22nd, 2022
5:39 a.m.
79º now… 103º coming.

 Good morning dear one, 
I was thinking about “the main problem” with christianity…and you can hear it often enough when those guys say “There is no ‘second chance’ at salvation.” — And they are RIGHT… there is no ‘2nd chance’ at salvation, because THERE IS NO FIRST CHANCE at salvation. 
You see, dear one, salvation is not a thing of “chance”. It is the tender work of God. 
You see… creation has begun, but you might say we’re still coming down the birth canal. 
Creation will not be “done”… finished… completed until that glorious passage is fulfilled: I COR 15:28. 
Creation will not be “done” until God is all, in all. 
I don’t know why, we can’t see that salvation and creation are part and parcel with one another. They are in essence the same work. 
This “second chance” thing… speaks to that idea. In christianity, they say “God will not give you a second chance at salvation.” — As if, you were created able to determine your own eternal destiny, and were lacking nothing — Which, would make you some kind of “god” yourself. 
Salvation is not a thing of “chance”. 
God is not some foolish gambler. 
God wouldn’t take “chances” on ignorant human beings. 
 I think we can say that IGNORANCE is an important part of God’s creative process. 
 We all operate on many levels IN IGNORANCE. 
  In 1977 I married that hot, little, 18-year old named Julia. I married her in ignorance. If I had known how much trouble she would be… boy… man oh man… 
   Years before that… I joined the U.S. military — IN IGNORANCE. I didn’t know that the military were a bunch of dumbass cluster-f*cks, used as assassins in uniform. “America’s hero’s” indeed… you can learn more truth about the military from watching the documentary F-TROOP, than anything you’ll see on PBS. 
I’m bragging on IGNORANCE, here. 
Our whole lives, and experience, is a journey of escaping ignorance… and finding the truth. 
 We argue about “freewill” from time to time… and I’m thinking we ought to start every discussion by establishing our IGNORANCE… regarding everything. 
 You see… if we are indeed ignorant, no one in his right mind would use such a nebulous term as “freewill”. 
 You can lead the sheep to their slaughter because of their ignorance. 
 Peter, and I think Paul, both said that those who crucified Christ did it in ignorance. Even Jesus, on the cross, said “Father, forgive them, for they know NOT what they do.” 
  How can we read such words and argue for a “freewill” in which, the sinner determines his own destiny, and thus can never “blame” God, because the sinner “freely” chose to go to hell. ?????? 
   Creation has begun, but it is in no way finished. 
  Creation was begun IN CHRIST (Colossians 1:16-20) 
  Creation will be finished IN CHRIST (I Corinthians 15:20-28)
  Thank God for ignorance… God accomplishes a lot of things while we were still ignorant. 
 The sun rises and sets without our help. 
 Our hearts beat and we breath in our sleep… without our “help”. 
 Christ was put on the cross in ignorance. 
 Most of us look at Bailey’s Beads and don’t even know what we’re looking at. 

“The Baily’s beads effect, or diamond ring effect, is a feature of total and annular solar eclipses. As the Moon covers the Sun during a solar eclipse, the rugged topography of the lunar limb allows beads of sunlight to shine through in some places while not in others.”
The very fact that the sun and the moon are just so… and the Earth is just so… so that we can see “Bailey’s Beads” and the fact that we can SEE it and FATHOM it… unlike other animals… are like a million to one shot.
Creation has begun but will not be complete until God is all… in all.

Salvation is not a thing of CHANCE… No, it is the work of God in the cross of Christ. 
 Christ died for all. And the word FOR gives us great hope. 
  (SIDE NOTE: 100 years ago, the word HOPE meant “A SURE THING”… today, its meaning has been downplayed to imply much less than a sure thing.) 
  CHRIST died for all. — And to suggest that Christ would do something that has no effect, is to, in essence, say that God is not God. 
  “Christ died for all” but it’s gonna do no good unless the all, for whom He died, contribute the lacking element to His work there on the cross… ???? Hmmm… that is a suspicious doctrine, seems to me. 
  Christ died for all, while all were ignorant. And unable to save themselves. And good news: His death for all, was efficacious for all. 

Creation has begun, but won’t be finished, until everyone comes to a realization of the truth of salvation in the cross of Christ (I TIM 2:4)
God bless ignorance. It is our lot for the moment.
Christ’s death and resurrection takes away our ignorance to a great degree.
At least… in this important matter of THE PURPOSE OF GOD. The purpose of God in death… to highlight THE RESURRECTION… as our “hope”.
Christ was crucified in ignorance… to take away ignorance.
Christ was crucified in sin… to take away sin.
“God was in Christ” (II COR 5:19) conciliating the world to Himself. — the world was ignorant of what God was doing in Christ… but He did it nonetheless.
And to a great degree, the world is still ignorant of what God was doing in Christ… on the cross.

   6:49 a.m. 
  6:52 a.m. 
  81º (10% chance of rain today) 

  God bless ignorance… without it… we would not have a Risen Savior. God bless Judas, and Peter who denied Him 3 times, and Doubting Thomas, and the soldiers, and the cheering crowd, and Caiaphas, the High Priest. 
  God bless Adam for getting us into this whole mess. 
  God bless God for planning this all about before times eonian. And for the Lamb slain before the disruption of the world. (Rev 13:8) 
    God is not leaving your eternal destiny up to you. 
    God leaves your destiny up to Christ, who died for you, paid for your sins, and is Lord of you and of all. He is “the Owner of all”.            
 God is both the Creator of all and the Savior of all. 

 POST SCRIPT: “TIME” is a measure of change. Time is generally measured with/by celestial body movements… days, weeks, years, etc. 
  Time, comes out of the future. 
  Thus, CHANGE, comes out of the future. 
  Now… if Christ is the “Lamb, slain from the disruption of the world”… can we say that, that was a TIMELESS event ??? 
  Imagine that. That the cross of Christ transcends TIME itself. That, Christ’s death, entombment and resurrection will be the central focus of all hearts, throughout the universe… a TIMELESS event, discussed, acclaimed, honored, and celebrated… when every knee bows, and every tongue acclaims… and every heart is melted, to the glory of the Father. 
 “Change” began with Christ, the Firstborn of Creation,.      

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