The other day Martin spoke about “the hypocrisy of false expressions” — a warning given us by Paul.

What a lovely topic; false expressions.

The “christian” church is full of them.
And often, they’re not just “false expressions” but they’re also “shibboleths.”
Never heard that word? It doesn’t get around much. But it’s an old Jewish word that means ‘If you don’t use the same language we use, we knows you ain’t one of us… you must be from da enemy camp.’

The trinity doctrine is stuffed full of FALSE EXPRESSIONS.
“God the Son”
“Three in one”
etc., etc., etc.
False expressions not found in the scriptures, but INFERRED to be there. Inference, not clear statements.

Trinitarians will even try to press you into a corner by getting up in your face and asking “Is Jesus God?” — It’s a shibboleth, don’t fall for it. A false expression. But they think it’s a wildly important shibboleth and boy, you better answer the right way… or YOU’RE IN ERROR — PROBABLY GOING TO H. E. DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS.

I personally have found it very helpful to get rid of the “false expressions” (inferences) we were taught in “christianity” and just stick to sayings you can actually FIND — not infer — but FIND in the scripture.

If you INFER this or that, you’re setting yourself up for twouble.

The whole “christian” concept of endless hell is made up largely of inferences. For example: Gehenna (the garbage dump-compost pile outside of Jerusalem, constantly lit on fire to keep the smell down and shrink the pile) is inferred to be the same thing as the lake of fire, which is said to be “the second death” which is inferred to be an ocean of fire, and “eternal” in scope and a whole lotta things — on and on.

It’s not easy to come out of “christianity” into the evangel of grace. You can’t just learn about the evangel of our salvation, you actually must UNlearn a ton of deep bullshit.

It takes a while to unlearn all that stuff.

What about the lake of fire?
What about the sheep and the goats?
What about the rich man and Lazarus?
What about wide is the gate and narrow is the way?
What about the unforgivable sin?

The list goes on and on… it’s a wonder any “universalist” brother can get any sleep at all. ‘Cause all these limitarians keep playing biblical WHACK-A-MOLE.

I believe it took me about 5 years to shake off my evangelical-fundamentalist “christian” training — and believe the truth without second guessing the message.

“God was in Christ, conciliating the world to Himself, not reckoning their offenses to them.” — Wow… how wonderful to read that, and not discount it with preconceived notions of endless hell.

Now — beyond shibboleths, and false expressions — we have “faithful sayings.”

Like the faithful saying Paul gave us in I TIM 4:9-11: “God is the savior of all.”
And the faithful saying Paul gave us in I TIM 1:15: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.”

You don’t hear those two sayings much in “christian” churches.

And get this — Paul must have said “GRACE TO YOU” a dozen times in his 13 letters to the pagan brothers… so it must be a “faithful” saying. Yet we never hear this type of greeting in “christian” churches. But you’ll hear all kinds of “false expressions.”

Here’s one: “Spiritual death.” No such term in the Bible. But they love to toss that one around as if it has great meaning. It means nothing. It’s a totally made up term. Some 800,000 words in the Bible and no such phrase as “spiritual death.” Ain’t that a hoot?

If you’re new to Martin’s channel… or new to the evangel of our salvation, I feel for ya. You’ve probably got a lot of “What abouts?” that you’re asking.

Step one: when you spot a false expression … an expression that might be INFERRED in the Bible… but it’s not clearly taught… relax. Let it go… it might be just wrong thinking about that topic.
Step two: Embrace the FAITHFUL SAYINGS that you really can find in the scriptures. Not the inferred “false expressions” but the FAITHFUL SAYINGS…
God is the savior of all. (I Tim 4:10)
Christ came into the world to save. (I Tim 1:15)
God was in Christ. ( 2 Cor 5:19)
Abraham believes God. (Rom 4:3)

Hypocritical false expressions are designed to puff you up with self-righteous pride. And you actually feel dirty inside.

(Have you ever noticed how “critical” hypocritical folks are? Boy they can criticize. And it ain’t pretty.)

But faithful sayings will make you say “Wow, how beautiful.” And you’ll honor God and grasp His purpose. And you might even love your neighbor. How’s that for twicky?

Thank God for the evangel of grace delivered by Paul. And thank God Martin Zender took up with Paul to carry on the work. (Thanks brother.)

Watch out of “false expressions” especially when they turn into shibboleths. If you don’t use the right lingo, you’re about to get the right foot of fellowship.

Grace to you. All of you.

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