God was in Christ…

Perhaps the four most powerful words in the Bible.

The darkest chapter in human history… And yet, God was in Christ

Innocence hung on a cross… And yet, God was in Christ

Stabbed, naked, shamed, beat, hours in agony… And yet, God was in Christ

It almost doesn’t matter what comes after these four words (God was in Christ), they could stand by themselves.

Yet, they could and should bring you to your knees.

Something wonderful has happened, or something terrible.

But beyond our understanding, Paul reveals that, God was in Christ.

If we dare to keep reading… we are not disappointed.

Paul shows that there was a plan, bigger than we could have imagined.

God was in Christ… but what happened?

Christ died, yes. But 3 long days later, a flash of light, a huge stone removed, death became life itself. God was in Christ.

And not to keep us guessing… Paul fulfills this breathless setup by telling us…

God was in Christ… conciliating the world to Himself, not reckoning their offenses to them. (2 Corinthians 5:19)


The world?

NOT reckoning?


God was in Christ… with a far reaching plan.

You can’t escape it. Why? Because God was in Christ.

When Paul first opens his mouth to hint at this plan, he tells the pagans in Acts 17… God gives life and breath and all to all. So it would make sense that…

God was in Christ… answering the hardest questions we could ask.

Why did God create evil? God was in Christ…

Why do I have to go through these hardships? God was in Christ…

Why did my daughter have to die? God was in Christ…

Why is the world messed up? God was in Christ…

He was in Christ conciliating the world to Himself.

Can it get better… yes… not reckoning their offences (not just ordinary “sins”… no, offensive kinds of sins) to them.

Accountants, bookkeepers and those who measure “tit for tat” beware… God was in Christ changing the accounting rules for the world. No longer do we measure “tit for tat”… God was in Christ.

We are stopped, in awe, who would have imagined?

This changes everything.

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