All are in Adam. All are in Christ. In the absolute sense.
You can see this type of language in I COR 15:22.
Also in Romans 5:15-19.

However, in a relative sense, not all are in Adam, and not all are in Christ.

Just like Paul once said (in Romans) that not all Israel are Israel.

Some things are relatively true… but not absolutely true. Visa Versa too.

Just to show you that loose language can confuse all of us…
Jesus once said “He that believes in me will never die.”
One must ask “In what sense is that true?”
‘Cause there are many grave stones that say “Here lies Fred (or Martha) who believed in Christ.”
(The actual verse says “He that believes in me will not die for the eon.” — which would lead us down another road, but for now, let’s talk about THE RELATIVE vs. THE ABSOLUTE.)

In the absolute sense, ALL ARE IN ADAM. In a relative sense, believers put to death this body of flesh and are not found “in Adam,” but found “in Christ.”

So when we get to the RELATIVE SENSE… we ask what exactly are we relating this to? — To God’s EONIAN PURPOSE and to LIFE EONIAN.

The eons are made in Christ. Christ is the firstborn of all creation. All things were made by Christ… including Adam. So, Adam was made in Christ.
(Choose your preposition: by, for, in, through, because of, on, with, — all things were made by, for, with, in, etc. Christ.)

In a relative sense, during the EONIAN TIMES, being “in Christ,” is by special invitation only. The “chosen” get invited. The rest must wait till the end of the eons.

The “invited” — “the chosen” are not exactly going to live it up during the eons. It’s more like a “work party” with plenty of fun and rewards and a fantastic pot-luck supper involved.

NOTE: “life eonian” — may have some enticing elements to it, but it’s a work-party none-the-less.

Why? Because the eons are all about God’s creative work. The eons… and creation itself HAVE BEGUN… but it’s a mistake to think that it’s all finished now.

God creative work (which includes God’s redemptive work-an extension of creation) won’t be done until the eons come to an end.

During the eons, there is a more to be done. This and that.

But Christ’s work on the cross is the main story the eons have to tell. All blessings for all creation will find it’s source in Christ’s cross.

All are in Christ, in an absolute sense. Even Adam was made in-by-through,etc. Christ.

Relatively speaking, concerning eonian life, believers are found in Christ and only believers receive the blessings of eonian life.

But the creator of all, will not be denied all.

Eonian life gives way to life for all when the eons end and death itself ends. You see, DEATH, the wages of sin, disappears when “then comes the end” — (I COR 15:20-28).

The relative gives way to the absolute.

For even as in Adam, so also in Christ — our favorite universal equation.

The invitation is not for all. But the inclusion is.
The invitation is to roll up your sleeves and get to work.
The eons unfold a great patchwork of stories. More than a few reveal Christ’s work and love, both for the Father and for His creation.

We, and faithful Israel must “rule” — during the eons. But rule ends — including Christ’s rule, when the job is done. And God is obviously all in all.

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  1. You said “The “invited” — “the chosen” are not exactly going to live it up during the eons. It’s more like a “work party” with plenty of fun and rewards and a fantastic pot-luck supper involved.”. So what do you think the work will involve? What do you suppose it will be like in a general sense? I know you don’t know details but I would love to hear your best guess about some general things. I too think the future is going to hold the challenges of a work situation. I also think it will provide an opportunity to use some God given creative energy in our efforts.

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