STACY ASKED: “I believe that Jesus died was buried and rose the third day according to the scriptures I am in the body of Christ. According to Jones, am I in the body of Christ or am I deceived?”

Such an intriguing question my dearest Stacy,

Peter, James and John also believed in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but they are not part of the body of Christ. They might be part of the ‘BRIDE OF THE LAMB”… But the “bride” and the “body” are not the same group of people.
Peter, James and John were for the circumcision.
Only Paul was for the nations.

YOUR QUESTION: “…am I in the body of Christ or am I deceived?”
MY REPLY: Can’t you be both? In the body of Christ AND also be deceived about some things? Hmmmm. Just thinking.

My query was about these frightful words…

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Such words should be enough to make any brother or sister pause and examine more.
Why was James such a bad*ss dude that when men “came from James”, Peter cow towed to them. Whimpered? Withdrew from the grace brothers altogether?

What’s the deal here Stacy??? What’s the deal???

The real question is… why is it throughout all the churches across the country and the world… no matter what Sunday you go… YOU’LL NEVER HEAR A SERMON BASED ON THESE WORDS: “And certain men came from James”??????

Why wouldn’t this passage be as treasured as John 3:16??? Is it not “bible”???

It seems to me, you won’t hear any sermon on this topic because Christianity has largely been infected with the circumcision gospel (works, works, works)… and would rather not be bothered at all with Paul or his message of grace.

It gives the self-righteous a lot of power to preach “WORKS” as oppose to “GRACE”.

Galatians chapter one and two… shows that Paul stood up to these yahoos from James. And he stood up to Peter as well. For they were not right. Says so, right there.

And you Stacy, you seem all too willing to drag in the circumcision gospel at the drop of a hat… and mix it all up with Paul’s gospel of grace. Not only should you distinguish the two… but Paul tells Timothy to RIGHTLY DIVIDE THE WORD OF TRUTH… Or, as the Concordant version says: CORRECTLY CUT THE WORD OF TRUTH.

“Divide” or “cut” both seem like serious actions.

Now, just because Peter, James and John are not part of the body of Christ does not mean they have no role in God’s eonian purpose. They do. It’s just not the same role as we have who are under grace.

Are you in the body of Christ? I suspect you are.
Are you deceived? Not sure. But I am sure your not seeing God’s purpose concerning the eons. (EPH 3:11). At least not yet.

All in good time.

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