1. YOU SAID: “We will be on full display in GLORY for all those of the WORLD to see that we are NOT the fools, they are.”
    QUERY: This answer seems a far cry from EPH 2:7… in which kindness and grace are somehow on display… not a display to embarrass them… for them to “see they we are not the FOOLS, they are.” This answer smacks of pride and haughtiness. We made it and you suckers did not make it, type of thing.
    Look again at the quote:
    (KJV: Ephesians 2:7 “in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.”)
    My question is… to whom is this “show” made, and to what purpose?
  2. The verse in question says IN THE AGES TO COME, yet you only refer to ONE AGE to come… are we to believe that there is only one age to come????, or should we believe what it says, “that in the ages to come”??? Can we assume that more than one age is in view here?
    3, You said: “If they refuse to turn now, they might turn in the age to come when they see everything happening that we warned them would happen.” — My question about this is “WE WARNED THEM”… Huh? According to Eph 2:7, the riches of His grace, expressed in kindness is in view… and on display… not a warning of some sort. Are you not seeing this??? Are you stuck on punishments and “warnings”??? Eph 2:7 is not about warnings, but a display of grace. The question is… displayed for whom and why?

Let’s try again, shall we — According to EPH 2:7… grace and kindness are on display somehow. They are on display “in the coming ages”. If the vast majority have already gone past the “point of no return”… or as you have suggested in the past, that it’s “too late” for the unbelieving, then… to whom is this display of grace? And for what purpose?

It says IN THE AGES TO COME… something is going to happen.
(KJV: Ephesians 2:7 “in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.”)
It says that IN THE AGES TO COME… He is going to show off something.
(KJV: “show” – – CLNT: “display”)
(CLNT: Ephesians 2:7 “that, in the oncoming eons, He should be displaying the transcendent riches of His grace in His kindness to us in Christ Jesus.”)
In the ages to come, He is going to SHOW-DISPLAY — US — (the recipients of grace) but to whom is He going to SHOW-DISPLAY us? And why?

No wait… I may be wrong here… It’s not that WE (the recipients of grace) will be on display, it’s that the TRANSCENDENT RICHES OF HIS GRACE to us WILL BE ON DISPLAY.

I suppose you can’t display the GRACE without also putting on display, the recipients of that GRACE… Now, Stacy, back to my question…
To whom is He displaying all of this?? He can’t be “displaying” it to “US” as we’ve already been made recipients of it. We’re part of the display. He’s not showing US to US.
He’s SHOWING-DISPLAYING us (the ones to whom He’s been so gracious) to someone, for some purpose… but what?

Could it be, that salvation is about more than just us?
Could it be that others need to see the transcendent riches of His grace in His kindness–given to us? But who? And for what reason? And how many “ages” are to come?

Ah, but you must be proud of that you’ve done the right thing — you’ve used your reason and sided with the deity who has every intent to clean up the mess he did not create but for sure will eliminate forever.
You certainly deserve, you’ve earned, you’ve merited, you qualify for and you’re totally worthy of the favors you get from this deity. And I bet the favors and rewards will be endless.
I, and the other fools out there in the balances, are not so lucky. We’re not using our reason in the right kind of way. We don’t see things like you see things. We deserve every slight we get.
I HONESTLY THOUGHT we could talk in this thread about THE UNSEARCHABLE RICHES OF CHRIST…But you have assured me that these “riches” under investigation are very searchable. In fact, it’s the same old blah blah formula we find in the Old Testament: Obey and ye shall have life.
I thought we might find the UNSEARCHABLE RICHES were something new, something overlooked, something surprising… like “grace” or something. You know, the kind of “grace” that you get but you don’t deserve it, earn it, or merit it, or qualify for it. Yeah, that kind of grace… the gracious kind.
Who knew that Christ would die only for those who deserve it.
You’re right, it’s too much to expect Him to die for sinners, even the worst of sinners.
I suppose we can end this tread and try a new thought.
See ya tomorrow.

542 words and not one word about the cross of Christ or the wisdom of God in having His Son die for the sins of all.
It’s that way will all your posts, always about what YOU MUST DO and little to nothing about WHAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED IN THE CROSS OF CHRIST.
It makes me think you doubt anything was accomplished there… that all the “saving action” happens with YOU… and YOUR EFFORTS… and YOUR BELIEF… and YOUR TURNING… etc.
So, allow me to ask you point blank…
Were we saved by what Christ did on the cross, or was His work on the cross lacking in any way?

P.S. the word UNSEARCHABLE has nothing to do with your personal “search” for God and meaning… NO… silly rabbit… it has to do with whether or not this evangel of ours is SEARCHABLE in the Old Testament message… do you get it?

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