One Verse You’ll Never Hear As a Sunday Morning Serom.

“And certain men came from James”…. Galatians 2:12
You’ll never hear a Sunday morning sermon on this verse.
“… false brethren who were smuggled in, who came in by the way to spy out our freedom which we have in Christ Jesus, that they shall be enslaving us-“
Those enslavers from James sure do love works. They sure do want to limit what Christ actually did on the cross.
“gotta earn it” according to them.
Nevermind that GRACE means the favor of God given to those who deserve the opposite.
Ya know why they hate GRACE?
Because if God saves ONE PERSON… just one person… who deserves the opposite, then He must indeed save all, for all do not deserve it… and in fact deserve the opposite of Grace.
Those enslavers have a nice long list of things YOU MUST DO to save your sorry hide. And if you do those things, you still could blow it and lose your salvation according to them.
They just don’t know we’re actually saved by the faith of Christ.
Jesus Christ had to have a lot of faith to go to the cross. And it’s that faith of His that actually saves us. Our personal faith is rather shaky if you want to know the truth. But His faith pulled it all off.
Our faith is weak. His is and was strong. His faith will lead to every knee bowing and every tongue confessing to the glory of God.
Ain’t that a hellava thought?
“And certain men came from James”… could be the most important verse in the Bible. But, again, you’ll never hear about it in most churches.
Ask your pastor what it means… and to preach on this next Sunday. What a hoot that will be.

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