Pantheism And So-Called “Freewill”.

Brent Ashby,
Ventura, CA. 93004

Dear Brent,

Thank you so much for your letter of 5-12-93. It was kind and thoughtful of you to send it.

My response to your thoughts are thus:

1. On Freedom in man–  Didn’t you once say that man’s freedom was limited?

  • 2. On Pantheism- I’m not sure what pantheism is. You say it is the belief that “God is all-All is God.” That certainly is not my language. Neither is it the language of Paul or the other writer’s of God’s word. Paul says God is “over all and through all and in all.” (Eph 4:5) and that Christ is “completing the all in all.” (Eph 1:23) And that God will one day be “all in all.”  (I Cor 15:28)  and that “all is out of Him and through Him and for Him” (Roms 11:36)

In light of these inspired phrases I feel comfortable saying “all is of God”, but not “all is God.” And my faith is that God will be all one day- but not that God is all now.

It seems to me that before creation, God was all in Himself. Now God is all in Christ. At the consummation God will be all in all.

Are you accusing me of not believing God’s word? No, I don’t think you are. You are accusing me of something else. So, let me ask you… Do you believe God’s word????

Do you believe… that “there is one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all”? (Eph. 4:5)

Do you believe… that Christ is “the one completing the all in all”? (Eph 1:23)

Do you believe… that one day God will be “all in all”? (I Cor 15:28)

Do you believe… that “all is out of Him and through Him and for Him”? (Roms 11:36)

If these are phrases right out of God’s word why should you be afraid of using them? To accuse me of believing that God is all is not right. It may be true that God is all. But God has not revealed that to us in His word. He has revealed that He will be all. That you can accuse me of. For those are Paul’s words. Those are God’s words. And therefore you can accuse me of believing God’s word. I have been given the faith to believe His word. For which I am thankful.

In my 20 years as an evangelical, I do not recall ever hearing a minister boast, discuss, hint or otherwise ponder the revelation that one day God will be All In All.

3. on evil– Evil and SIN are not synonyms. SIN is a mistake. And if God saw that it would be GOOD for His creatures to experience EVIL then it would have been a mistake for Him not to bring that about. Evil is merely to opposite of Good. God created EVIL (Isa 45:7) That is what God’s word says. Are you asking me to believe otherwise? I don’t say that God sinned in creating EVIL. Apparently God will be justified in doing so for “all is out of Him and through Him and for Him.”

You should acquaint yourself more with God’s word on this matter of EVIL, as you seem to be reluctant to ascribe EVIL to the Creator. Enclose are a few passages which reveal that God is the source of evil and that God uses evil to suit His purpose.

Thank you again,

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