One of the reasons we keep going round and round is that you don’t “rightly divide the word of truth”
What I mean by that, is that you take all scriptures and mix them into a pot, and make soup out of them. Paul says to Timothy that we should “rightly divide the word of truth”… the CV says “correctly cut the word of truth”.
Most folks do “divide” the Old Testament” from the “New Testament”… but Paul, in Galatians chapter one and two… suggests the division is even deeper than that. He suggests that the division is between what is meant for the circumcision and the uncircumcision. That would mean that Paul’s message is for us, and Jesus’ words and Peter, James and John are for the Jews.
By mixing the gospel of the circumcision with that of the uncircumcision, you’re going to get a jumbled mess that requires jumping through many hoops in order to make it fit.
The freewill doctrine is a great fall back between the two.
The circumcision gospel doesn’t clearly teach a “freewill” idea… but there are certainly a lot of commandments and do’s and don’ts in there.
Even Paul initially went to the house of Israel. But there was a time when he was “severed” from that gospel… in order to preach the gospel of Grace.
Many contradictions appear if you don’t “correctly cut” the circumcision gospel from the uncircumcision gospel.
In the link below, you’ll find an old article about this idea. It’s a precious little essay. Very helpful.
In the opening of James’ letter, he clearly says he was writing the “the 12 tribes” scattered abroad. And of course there are some yahoo’s out there who claim “we are the 12 tribes”… but they are missing this big picture.
The circumcision gospel is full of works and grace… but Paul’s message to us is all about grace and faith.
Also, the eonian destiny is different between the Church, which is His Body… and the destiny of the “Bride of Christ” (Believing Jews). The “Body” and the “Bride” are two different groups of folks.
Now, I don’t mind if you keep quoting circumcision writings to me… but if you were to limit your vision to Paul’s message, your vision of things would get WHOPPINGLY BIGGER.
You see, Paul saw even farther than John did in his “Book of Revelations”. When John closes his prophetic book, you still have rulership, authority, power and even death. But Paul sees far beyond that time period… he sees a point when those things are abolished. Including death, the last enemy abolished.

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