She Loves Martin Zender’s Musings Too.

Carolee reached out to me from Martin Zender’s youtube channel.

She believes God.

So, we had this exchange:


I’m so pleased that you’re hanging out in this channel. There is so much beauty in this teaching.
I’ve come to love these phrases:
God was in Christ…
For even as in Adam…
Our life is hid with Christ in God…
God is… (the savior of all)
This is a faithful saying…
…In it’s own eras…”
… but each in his own order…”
Grace to you.


Hi Ace, so true and thrilling to one’s inner man! I don’t ever remember hearing them in church. The deception in church is so amazing as we would sing some pretty great songs and hymns sometimes that paint this exact picture of God and yet we didn’t even believe what we were singing. I’m glad to be reading your comments too. When did you start listening to Martin as your presence here seems more recent to me?


@CAROLEE VANDYK I’m rather new to Martin’s channel.

But I think I met him way back, in the 1980’s at the Concordant Publishing Concern.

At the time I was publishing the Ace Theological Company Newsletter. He was publishing THE CLANGING GONG… I think.

So I’ve watched him over the fence for years. A few years ago, I started up my musings again over here:

Nowadays, I wake up, start the coffee, jot down some thoughts, by the time I’m done Martin’s latest is posted so I contribute to the comments and then post it over at AceTheo. What a way to start the day.

“We rely on the living God who is.”

You don’t even have to finish the sentence… and you’ll come to a good conclusion. Right?

Martin’s angle’s are quite refreshing. And your postings are refreshing too.



My goodness, you’ve been in the loop a long time.

How blessed you have been to have had an accurate picture of who God is for so long.

I only got here about 10 years ago after being in different churches for 33 years and finally considering walking away from the idea of God due to the cancerous dread of eternal torment that stole my joy and faith. I couldn’t find any answers from churches or Christian books.

Then at this time God put it in my mind to google the word hell even though I wasn’t used to the computer or googling, never dreaming how fantastic would be the answers waiting for me from scripture accurately translated.

I had ordered some books from Tentmaker and they put 3 of Martin’s books in my order for free and that’s how I discovered him.

I had the pleasure of meeting him twice in 2012 at 2 tiny conferences in New York State and Pennsylvania as these were close enough for me to drive to from Toronto. I was the only Canadian.

So it’s been an incredible journey and I never dreamed I would be so in love with my Creator and His Son. Never thought that God’s plan is actually a fairy tale but it is – “And we all live happily ever after” = “And God will be all in all”.

Glad to make your acquaintance.


 @CAROLEE VANDYK  MY very first meeting at the Concern, I was blown away by two things…
1. There were a lot of old guys there.
You see, I came out of the Gene Edwards “home church” movement, and at the time, everyone in our “church in Isla Vista”… was very young… and gullible.
2. Next, they had 2 or 3 speakers each talking about I TIM 4:10… and I had never seen that. You see, before I was a Gene disciple, I went to evangelical churches and the preacher WOULD NEVER share the pulpit with other speakers… they all were GRANDSTANDERS. They’d read one verse and yak for 45 minutes.
But at the Concern, no one was grandstanding. And that 2 or 3 speakers could mine one verse for soooo much treasure. Wow.
So, old dudes hooked me, and non-grandstanding hooked me.
As the “body of Christ” there are lots of members doing their part.
You’re a doll.
Grace to you.

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