She (The Freewill Chick) Demands Respect

The pagan brothers from Antioch have learn from our apostle, that dude from Damascus, whom you guys from James seem to hate, that we ain’t no respecter of persons.
Freewillers seem to demand respect as they are quite sure they have met all the qualifications to earn God’s love, favor and blessings.
You see, we know we don’t earn it. So, the evangel of GRACE suits us fine. (Grace being the favor of God shown to those who deserve the opposite.)
And as a bunch of pagans of the nations, we’re not incline to kiss anyone’s behind… you or James.
And if you insist we stop using the term “chick”… then we’ll use a term from the scriptures… you’ve heard of the scriptures, haven’t cha? Well, the scriptural term we might prefer to use is “little woman” — it’s one our apostle used. He said little women are always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Ain’t that a hellava thing?
He also warn us pagan brothers about “old womanish myths”. And sure do seem to us, that “freewill” is more a myth than a real thing. After all, God, our Father, created all things. And turns out He is the Savior of all as well. Ain’t that a thing?
And He’s operating all things after the council of His will. (Things you guys don’t brag about.)
You are a “freewill” wonder, that’s for sure.
And respect? You might think you’ve earn it, but we ain’t no respecter of nobody.
Grace to you.
You’ll need it.
Yours, because all is of God. (Romans 11:36)
The Antioch Pagan Brethern.

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