Shedding the Snake Skin of Christianity.

I know it’s a flawed metaphor… but comparing Christianity to a snake is just cool, ya know.
I know, if you “shed the snake skin” you still have a snake… but go with me here, I’ll try to be better, I promise.

If you shed this snake skin… something magical happens… you can actually “see God”.

When I was encrusted with Christianity, I couldn’t see God. I was trying hard, but I just couldn’t.

I could see something called “the trinity” and something else called “human freewill” and I could vaguely see something we call “the immortal soul”. And let’s not leave out “endless conscious punishment in hell”. — All that crap… but I couldn’t see God.

My very first acquaintance with I TIMOTHY 4:10 left me in shock and frustration.

How could Paul use should loose language????
I knew I TIM 4:10 wasn’t true. And Paul knew it too, right? And yet, here he was blabbering on about “God, the savior of all”… what the hell was wrong with this great apostle? How could he?

The snake skin of Christianity will blind you to God’s word, God’s image, God’s glory and God’s purpose. And, if you can’t see those things, you can’t see at all.

The way to see God more clearly is to start shedding any Christian pet doctrine that is not clearly revealed in the scripture. If it’s just “inferred” from some passage of the bible — shed it.

Inferences are like gossip — very misleading.

If little Johnny has a gimp leg, and you INFER that God hates him ‘cause he’s got a bad leg… you’re just mean and stupid. And petty.

Yes, I’m saying Christianity is mean and stupid and petty.

Stick to PLAIN STATEMENTS… in the scriptures. Not just inferences. God is the savior of all… is a plain statement. God will burn the sinner in hell endlessly is merely a stupid inference.

From my own experience, the more you shed Christian mythology, the more you are in awe of God and His Christ.

Prove it to yourself…

Sit down right now and read two passages.
A) I Timothy 4:10
B) I Corinthians 15:20-28

If you’re a normal “christian” encrusted with snake skin, you’ll read those to passages and say “What the hell is Paul talking about?”

I did, when I first read them.

The more you shed that old skin, the more you’ll love those passages.


Let me know how it goes.

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