“…through the obedience of the One, the many shall”
“…through the obedience of the One, the many shall”
“…through the obedience of the One, the many shall”
be constituted just.
Freewillers say “all may”… but Brother Paul says “the many SHALL”.
Now, if you’re new to this discussion, you may be wondering exactly HOW MANY is “the many”… I’ll tell you: THE MANY… is the exact same amount as revealed just one sentence before… THE MANY is ALL.
Paul is a man of great literary skill. And instead of repeating ALL so many times, he uses here a figure of speech… to where “the many” means THE VAST SUM OF WHICH WE ARE SPEAKING.
You see, in Verse 18… he says ALL MANKIND were brought into condemnation due to Adam’s one offensive act. And through Christ’s one act on the cross… ALL MANKIND receive “life’s justifying.”
Now on to Verse 19… it is the SAME CREW we’re talking about… this VAST SUM OF HUMANITY… all mankind… were made sinners through Adam’s act and will be justified through Christ’s act.

CHECK IT OUT– I’m not making this up:
18 Consequently, then, as it was through one offense for ALL MANKIND for condemnation, thus also it is through one just award for ALL MANKIND for life’s justifying.
19 For even as, through the disobedience of the one man, THE MANY were constituted sinners, thus also, through the obedience of the One, THE MANY shall be constituted just.

All became sinners through Adam’s one act. The vast sum of which we are speaking became sinners. THE MANY=ALL.
All mankind with be justified through Christ’s work on the cross. The vast sum of which we are speaking will be justified. THE MANY=ALL.

The timing of how this will all work out needs to be studied. But the truth of Christ’s death FOR ALL… and His VICTORY over death, FOR ALL… stands as truth…

TWO ACTS–one by Adam, one by Christ. Both acts have universal consequences. No one can avoid the effects of Adam’s act. No one can avoid the effects of Christ’s act.
No one has to “believe in Adam” to be condemned. You are condemned as a sinner whether or not you believe in Adam. You were IN Adam, when Adam sinned.
And it is the same with Christ. You don’t have to “believe in Christ” to be effected by His work on the cross. In the same way you “were in Adam when Adam sinned”… you were also IN CHRIST when he died for you. When He died, we all died. Just as Adam was the first man, and all of humanity was “IN” him…in his loins… So Christ was “THE FIRSTBORN OF ALL CREATION” (COL 1:16) and all are IN Him, even those who don’t believe in Adam or Christ… the facts stand.

Romans 5:18… and 5:19… reveal… that something happened to Adam and its results effect ALL… and something happened to Christ… and its results effect all… No one escapes Adam’s act… no one escapes Christ’s act.

There are many who do not “believe in Adam” yet they will die.
There are many who do not “believe in Christ” yet they will be vivified, justified, reconciled, saved. (I COR 15:22, I TIM 4:10, COL 1:20, ROM 5:18-19, etc.)

Will sinners die? Yes, “For even as in Adam all die” (I Cor 15:20-28).
Will sinners be roused to face a judgement and the 2nd death? Yes, many will, but the 2nd death is still death… death is not another form of life… it is the absence of life.
Will death, the wages of sin, finally be abolished… leaving only life… YES, in the great scheme of things, DEATH IS THE LAST ENEMY TO BE ABOLISHED… I Cor 15:25… And when DEATH is abolished, all who are held by death will be brought back to live just as Christ was brought back to life, UNABLE to die again… and if you’re unable to die, you won’t need to steal food, you won’t gossip, you won’t fear falling out of a tree… you can’t be burned on the hot stove. It will change your whole outlook.

Death, even the 2nd death, will have to give way to the power of Christ’s redemptive work on the cross… When death (“the last enemy to be abolished”) is undone.

Don’t be snookered by these freewillers.. who tend to exaggerate man’s role in his own salvation. If you listen to them, God is not the savior at all… He merely provides one with the “chance” to get saved. As if God operates on “chance”. They also suggest that salvation is a “possibility”… or it’s an “opportunity”… But Brother Paul teaches a lot about salvation as THE WORK OF GOD…. you see, God is the savior… not you. God even GIVES YOU THE FAITH to believe… even your faith is not of you, it’s of God.

Freewillers believe that if you go to endless hell, you can only blame yourself, as God gave you a “chance”… blame yourself for not doing it right when everyone else did it right.

That’s not right. If the sinner can only “blame himself” then the saint in heaven can only “praise himself”… as praise and blame must be based on the same foundation: human action or God’s action.

However if God has an eonian purpose (EPH 3:11)… and during the eons some are vessels of honor and some are vessels of dishonor… but at the consummation in Christ all are made alive (I COR 1:22)… why not trust God’s purpose?

A.E. Knoch has a chart… “a divine calendar”… that seems to map out a decent “timeline” of all the events foretold in scripture.
I don’t know if Knoch’s timeline is 100% correct… but we do know this… Christ died for all. And we are saved by Christ’s death. We were saved by His death even before we believed we were saved by His death.
His death and resurrection accomplished our salvation even if we don’t “believe” it. Some things are just “too good to be true”… like the prisoner on death row, who gets the news that he’s been pardoned by the Governor. He says “I just can’t believe it”… whether he believes or not, they will throw his butt out of jail. Because his pardon is a fact. Not a subjection conditional “offer”.

Exactly how and when God brings sinners home is not terribly important. The fact is, God is the savior. We don’t save ourselves. We must trust him to do it. He is not only the savior of the believer, He is the savior of all. (I TIM 4:10)

All condemned through Adam, all justified through Christ.
What an evangel.
Grace to you.

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