She’s into freewill and endless hell

 STACY, you’re so concerned with man’s work, man’s part… it is my joy to bring you back to God’s work, in the cross of Christ. “It is finished.” So He says.
I’m thinking salvation is God’s work.
You infer that God’s work is incomplete with out a “little help from my friends”.
Instead of saying “this cannot be.” why not say HOW can it be? How, indeed, can God pull it off?
It’s no problem really, as there are at least two eons of time left to come.
Can God possibly figure out how and when to save all? Ya know, every knee will bow.
There is no such thing as “too late”… or “time’s up”… in the bible.
During the eons, this and that happens. But is His arm so short that He cannot save?
You can make light of it if you want to. But it’s really the core of God’s evangel.
There is a TIMELESSNESS in the phrase “all in all”.
Yes, during the eons, there are rewards and punishments. But they are summed up in the cross of Christ.
Judgement? Can’t “judgement” be a good thing? After all, one verse tells us to “judge the widows and the fatherless.” Is that a bad thing?
Judgement? Wasn’t judgement really met in the cross of Christ? Didn’t He die for all sinners and all sin? Even the sin of not believing He died for all sin?
Will you give God a chance to save all? Will you be upset if He does?
Who is the worst sinner… Judas or Paul? Didn’t Christ die for both? (Paul says he was the “Chief of sinners.”)
Judas’ betray was in some ways like the betrayal of Joseph’s brothers. It resulted in their salvation. It’s the same with all sinners.
Sin is not an IMPOSSIBLE thing. It’s just a thing.
There were some 700 left-handed stone slingers mentioned in the Old Testament. They could throw a stone and hit the target within a hair’s breath and NOT SIN. (Most translations say “NOT MISS”– but it’s the same word.)
Sinners miss the mark. But their MISSING will not dampen the wonderful achievements of the Cross.
All sinners are saved even before they believe they are saved. They are saved by the work of God in the cross of Christ. Later on, God gives them the faith to believe what He has done.
Quote all the verses about freewill and man’s works you want… I stand at the foot of the cross… in awe.
The cross is a universal message about a universal work… it is central to everything God has planned. Everything God will do.
It brings about the abolition of death, which you might remember is the “last enemy abolished” and it’s the “wages of sin.”
By focusing on what man might do, or could do, or “must” do, you’re missing something. Something big.
You might even be, dare I say it… “an enemy of the cross.”
Christ’s death and resurrection did not “give us a choice”. It saved us.
It did not provide an “opportunity”… it saved us.
It did not give us a “chance”… God does not operate in “chance”. Salvation is not a chance… no… it is the work of God.
We must preach the cross for it is the work of God… and “they” must believe it for it is true… not to make it true… but because it is true. You were saved by God’s work in Christ’s cross. You were saved 2,000 years ago, long before you were born, long before you believed.
Christ died to save sinners. Not to give them a chance, but to save them. And when he died, it was not in vain. He actually accomplished what He died to accomplish.
Grace to you.
And Peace.

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