The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #56 Freewill VS Grace

Freewill VS Grace

Friday, Feb 25th, 2022
4:55 a.m.
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Good morning Dear One,
Just 5 minutes into this effort and the wifi has booted us out twice, don’t know what’s up with that, but let’s press on.

Today, we step into the ring to challenge the worship of “freewill” yet again.
As you may know, the word “freewill” only shows up ONE time in the whole bible. And that’s in a reference to an offering — a specific offering made by those guys in the Old Testament.
The offering was called a “FREEWILL” offering… But just because they gave that offering the name “freewill offering” DOES NOT MEAN the “doctrine” of “freewill” is a thing.
No more than calling a pastry “Denmark Strudel” means it came from Denmark or is headed to Denmark, or is owned by Denmark, or much at all. It’s just a name, and it might mean something, or it might not.
A “freewill” offering, is a name not a teaching.
Keep in mind, I’m pointing out that the doctrine of “freewill”… is real popular among the Babylonian monster we might call the modern day “church”.
But you won’t find the word “FREEWILL” in the Bible — other than that one reference to some obscure offering occasionally made in the O.T.
But you will find the word GRACE all over the place.
GRACE VS. FREEWILL… Who do you think is going to win in this battle of ideas?
You know… As long as there is an “Ace” theologian prattling about these matters, I’m going to give all the points to GRACE.
Worshipping human “freewill” seems just awful to me.
Ok. Let’s get down to business.
“Freewill” is a means of deserving the favor of God. The doctrine of “freewill” says — in essence — do this or do that, and God will owe you salvation.
Listen, if you can do anything… to deserve the favor of God, then “grace” is not really “grace” — it’s a debt owed to you… and God MUST save you according to the (shall we say) “contract”.
But if GRACE is in play… then God saves the underserving. And God is God.
Don’t try to MIX the two ideas.
Don’t say God saves those who use their “freewill” to do the right thing.
You see, salvation is the work of God, not the obligation of God. You can’t obligate God to save you.
The doctrine of “freewill” makes salvation the work of man. How do we know this… because all freewillers say…
“If a sinner goes to hell, he can only blame himself, for God gave him the same opportunity as He gave all mankind, only he didn’t use his “freewill” to make the right choice.”
Never mind that when you apply the same standard to “christians” — you’d have to say “If a Christian goes to heaven he can only praise himself, for God gave him the same opportunity as He gave all mankind, and he used his precious, little, “freewill” to make the right choice.” So… PRAISE THE CHRISTIAN… is what I always say.
Grace VS Freewill. They don’t mix.
You see, the “free” will is very much subject to all kinds of influential factors. Most of all, the human will is subject to the influence of God.
The will is NOT free of influence. Right?
So, when God tells that guy in the Old Testament “Choose you this day, whom you will serve !!!” — That is not a clear teaching on nature or character of HUMAN WILL.
What if… What if I’ve got a gun to your head and tell you “Get with the program”. ???
Is that a clear teaching on whether or not your willingness to “get with the program” is “free” of coercive factors?
The very idea of “GOD” is a coercive, influential force in the universe.
The idea of “freewill” is a doctrine of demons, designed to take your eyes and your heart off of God… and focus it on yourself.
If God says “Choose you this day”… it’s no comment on who is really running the show.
We are told over and over again, that God CHOOSES…
“God chooses the foolish and weak, not the high and mighty”…
“God chooses us in Him BEFORE the foundation of the world”… etc.
Why would we honor and glorify man’s choice in matters under consideration… but minimalize and marginalize THE CHOICE OF GOD?
Years ago… before the internet became wildly popular… there was a cynical, christian magazine called THE WHITTENBERG DOOR… they would poke fun at regular old “christian” ideas and myths… especially stuff that came out of evangelical, fundamentalism.
Well, one issue they dared to tackle… was “feminism”. On the cover, was the main editor of “the door” … with the caption saying something like “As the editor of The Whittenberg Door I’m here to say we stand with our feminist sisters…” and when you turned the page of the cover, you discovered it was a folded page, and you got to see the COMPLETE PICTURE of the editor… who had a gun to his head, held by a woman.
So, God holds all the cards. God holds all the factors of influence and outcome. And God tells Joshua “Choose you this day…” As if He doesn’t know the outcome and what He is doing. His dealing with Josh, and His dealings with all humanity… are sure. And sealed in the cross of Christ. And human “freewill” can contribute nothing to the purpose of our Father.
Human freewill is a subject for minors to chatter about.
Remember our little phrase “Appearance is everything, reality is nothing.” — that might apply here.
Grace is a thing. Freewill is not.

6:00 a.m.
I think … oops… the roboting continues…
It’s coffee refill time.. .hang on.

Remember, how I said there is a “Doctrine of Freewill”… Well… it’s not really a “doctrine” in the Bible… it’s really more of an “inference of freewill” — the Bible DOES NOT teach that mankind has an uninfluenceable “free” will.
The freewill crowd — the best they can do is “infer” the matter. It’s not a clear teaching of the Bible.
But there is a “clear” — teaching we call “The Doctrine of the Eons”…. And if we can get folks acquainted with the DOCTRINE OF THE EONS… it will choke out their love for the “doctrine of freewill”.
You see, the main reason they love “freewill” is they don’t want to “blame” God for the plight of the sinner ending up in endless hell.
No, we can’t blame God for such an awful mess… so let’s blame the sinner for his own plight. But if these guys knew that God has this purpose … this eonian purpose (Eph 3:11) they might chill out. They might see that God is God.

Instead of worshiping man and man’s Almighty “Freewill”
Of course we have a “will”… no question. But as to our will’s limits ??? Hmmmm.
If the christian world knew of God’s eonian purpose… the “doctrine of human freewill” would melt away.
God’s purpose is not to burn the silly sinner in hell forever. God’s purpose is to glorify His Son and His Grace and His work.
Freewill glorifies man and man’s “work”.
Seems only right to grow up and realize that “God’s choice” is a thing, and “man’s choice” is an appearance of a thing”. LOL.
So, God says to Josh, “Choose you this day.” And God has already chosen Josh, so really, what “choice” does Josh have?
If God has chosen Josh, then God is going to supply all that’s necessary to make sure His choice is accomplished. Josh has no “choice” if God is the one “choosing”.
We are God’s. We do His bidding.
Josh has no power. Josh has no say in this universe. Josh did not create himself. Josh — when God says “Choose you this day…” Josh, says “OK”… and gulps. Like he had a choice in the matter… many factors were set in motion… like saying “LET’S GO”… when a Tsunami wave comes in. Let’s go, indeed. Like you have a choice… you are going whether you like it or not.
So, with the Doctrine of the eons, we can see clearly that God’s dealing with humanity appear to be this way or that way during the eons… But after the eons are closed, all bets are off.
During the eons, God deals with humanity in various ways… in innocence, in conscience, in law, in judgment, in grace, in justice… various ways. All for His purpose.
God never deals with humanity as if we had a “freewill”… and were equal to Himself. That’s silly.
But the freewillers come along and say goofy things like “God would never violate man’s freewill”. — Bullshit. God violates our freewill all the time. Ask Jonah. His freewill was NOT to go to Nineveh… he was hightailing it AWAY from Nineveh when God introduced him to a Whale of a good time. “God will not violate man’s free will” indeed.
During the eons, God’s eonian purpose rules. Man is subject to the Subjector of all.
Man is placed by the Placer of all.
I tell you, it pisses me off to hear the OSAS people pretend to brag on GRACE…. And then close out there sermon by saying, “Well, I suppose, if there is just one sinner who, of his own freewill, rejects God’s offer of Grace, then I suppose, he will have to go to endless hell, after all, God has done all he can do… and he can’t do no more.”

6:46 a.m.
Hang on, let me check the temp…
16º — too cold to go out back.

First of all, those freewillers need to know, there is no such thing as “GOD’S OFFER”… God does not “offer” grace. God OPERATES in GRACE…
When they prattle on about “God’s offer”… they are going on, really, about God being an “assist”. And that “salvation” is just a helpful thing… but it’s not the real thing.
The real thing… is your freewill. And all you get from God is a little boost. You did it. Of your own freewill. God is an assist… but He’s not the God of the universe.
Oh, they prattle on about “God is holy” and can’t abide sin… But there’s nothing “holy” about creating humanity with weaknesses and faults and ignorance… and then BLAMING humanity and torturing humanity in endless flames.
Freewill is a ruse.
Grace is the real deal.
Freewill is the enemy of Grace.
Freewill pushes to you worship yourself.
Grace pushes you to see all that God has done for you and will do for you. And you are His. Don’t forget it.
Freewill, is “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” type of thing.
Grace is a description of how God is operating all.
So, this wind this sucker up…
Freewill and Grace cannot be compatible.
Freewill obligates God to you.
Grace is the operation of God… showing FAVOR to those who deserve the opposite of favor.
If “freewill” were a thing, then once you exercise your “freewill” in the right kind of way, you would DESERVE to be saved… and you’d DESERVE God’s blessings and rewards. Just the opposite of our concept of “grace”.
If you insist on winning this debate, Mr. Freewill Lover, then you’ll have to change the idea of GRACE to be something akin to WORKS. Grace is no longer Grace. You remember that line, from Galatians, right? Get with it brother.
God operates in GRACE… He shows favor to anyone and everyone who does not deserve even a glance of favor.
Universal salvation and reconciliation is clearly implied in this GRACE thing, why? Because “God is no respecter of persons” and “God is not partial”… so if God shows one poor sucker, “grace”… and that poor sucker did NOT deserve such favor… the UNpartial God of the universe MUST bring all of us home to His bosom… sooner or later. (Thus, the importance of the doctrine of the eons.)
Go tell those pretend ‘gracers’ that… they are full of crap… for God operates in Grace and there are no “offers” of grace. And ‘grace’ clearly implies that God bring all back home.
“Free gracers” are actually “freewillers” with a spin. They worship man’s will, and do not honor God’s will. They turn “God’s will” into something God wishes you would do… but they don’t know… God’s will IS something God is doing. And God’s will, whips man’s puny will… ALL THE TIME.
I’ll close this up… heat some some coffee… put on two coats, and join you outside so we can read this sucker.
7:11 a.m.
Exit, stage right.

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