There is a cool pdf over on the concordant site… called THE CONCORDANT VERSION IN THE CRITICS DEN… it’s a long essay in which Knoch defends the Concordant Version from attackers.


One thing I notice… right on the cover of the essay… is that Knoch calls himself “the compiler” of the concordant version… and not “the translator”. And that’s WAY COOL… because Knoch just compiled the facts of the scriptures… and tries his best not to interpret it all for you.

If there is a “the” in the scriptures but it doesn’t fit well in our English idiom… Knoch still tells you it’s there — with a symbol. You see, the definite article “the” might be important…but it might not be… at least “the compiler” doesn’t hide any facts from you.

It’s the same with Greek verb tenses, voice forms and many other details you’ll find in the Greek New Testament, but don’t “translate” well into English. Therefore, I’m tickled that Knoch calls himself “the compiler”.
Plus… since the Concordant Version is the only translation out there that uses A METHOD of translation (one English word only represents one Greek word, as near as possible) – since it was a methodical translation — Knoch had lots of help and helpers.

You see… if you used the “concordant” method… you’d come up with pretty much the same translation as A. E. Knoch. There wouldn’t be a dime’s worth of difference between YOUR translation and Knoch’s.
The point is that the Concordant Version is rather consistent. And it doesn’t hid any FACTS from us, and doesn’t interpret things for us… If the word is PLURAL… you’ll see it. If the connective is actually a prepositional phrase, you’ll see it.

Way cool.

Anyway, see if you can find that PDF and cool your heels while you enjoy the battle between christian mythology and what God actually says.

Grace to you.


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