YOU SAID that I don’t want to know the truth:

Christ came into the world to save sinners, right?
I’m a sinner, so were good there?

God loves Christ, right?
God wouldn’t be happy if Christ went traipsing off to save sinners and yet failed to save them, right?

In fact, doesn’t the resurrection prove that Christ succeeded in that which he came to do?

Doesn’t it prove that God was tickled pink with the effort of the son of His love?

Your fanciful story that man has this great power — called a “freewill”– and is his own savior sounds like something out of Grimm’s fairy tales–scary really.

And according to you and your fundamentalist brethern the vast majority of God’s creation will be eternally lost–scary thought, huh?–thus proving that Christ failed to save us on the cross.

When you tell kids a fairy tale, they might believe it for a while. But as they get more mature, they tend to question things.

Questioning the ‘freewill-endless hell’ tale leads some to forsake the pursuit of the bible’s teaching altogether.

I can’t blame them.

I grew up believing the ‘freewill-endless hell’ story. When a brother pointed I TIM 4:10 out to me– I screamed at Paul for using such loose language that might lead others to believe something that is just not true.

(I TIM 4:10: God is the savior of all mankind, especially of believers)

“Paul, how reckless of you” I said.
“You know this is not true” I said.
“Don’t you know others could take this the wrong way?” I said.

I TIM 4:10 definitely contradicts the ‘freewill-endless hell’ story.

According to the ‘freewill-endless hell” fairy tale, man is his own savior. It’s only by slight of hand that God is given the credit for the magic of salvation. But we all see it: man is his own savior (according to the fairy tale of ‘freewill-endless hell’.)

And if you don’t save yourself, you’ve no one to blame but yourself. — That’s what the ‘freewill-endless hell’ promoters say.

If the ‘freewill-endless hell’ story were true, we should all be terribly afraid to get out of bed in the morning… as our ‘freewill’ might lead us to do something that will end up sending us to an endless hell… YIKES.

Brother Michael L Knotts does not believe such nonsense. Every day, he’s thrilled to get out of bed and he says, “Let’s see what God has in store for us today.”

I’m with him. Let’s see what God has in store for us today.

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