DEAR POSSIBILITY GIRL…YOU SAID: “…Christ made grace possible…”I wish that what Christ accomplished on the cross were efficacious instead of merely “possible”.
Too bad there is so much lacking in his achievement. That’s OK, we’ll work hard to make up for His inefficiencies.
I got it, well make up for not being saved when He died to save, by using our “freewill”… that should do the trick.
What a great plan. It will work better than that silly ole plan to send the Son of His love to the cross. — FREEWILL DECISIONS RULE!


(NOTE: Freewill is not a Bible teaching. See Romans 9… and see Eph 1:10-11.

Yes, we have a “will” but it is by no means a “free” will. Our will has many constraints on it and many causal influences on it.

Only God’s will is “free” and I Tim 2:4 says GOD WILLS TO SAVE ALL.

So, the question is… who get their will??? God or man?

If God WILLS to save all… and man “wills” not to be saved… who gets their will? I’m betting on the Creator and Savior of all (I TIM 4:10).

I don’t know the exact timing of how it will play out. (The TIME words in the Bible need to be considered carefully.) But play out it will… God wills to save all, and God is the Saviour of all… Christ died to save all… Christ died to save sinners… All to be reconciled through the blood of the cross… all justified in Christ’s just as all condemned in Adam…

I Tim 2:4

I Tim 4:10

I Tim: 1:15

Col 1:20

Romans 5:18-19

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  1. The Bible calls the Spirit of the Lord “free spirit” = so-called (for man in his present state = “free will”). What man in his present state now has is what the Bible calls “bondage”= “slave will”.



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