The James Gang Hates The Gospel of Grace

You just don’t realize how deadly the james gang is to the evangel of Grace.
It’s so bad, Paul…. in Galatians 5:12… says they should cut their own wieners off. And don’t think for a moment that its just about “circumcision” — NO –it’s all about diminishing God’s work in the cross of Christ.
You see, dear James Gang Girl, the cross is a SNARE… (the Greek word is SCANDAL)… to those guys… and you. (Galatians 5:11)
There is nothing scandalous about your teaching — that God lays down the line and if you don’t do thus and so, you’re doomed eternally. THAT IS NOT SCANDALOUS.
BUT — I’M HERE TO TELL you.. that the CROSS… is so scandalous… it saves even those who do not tow the line.
Does the book of James even mention the cross?
You’ll never hear a Sunday sermon on THE SNARE OF THE CROSS. It’s too scandalous.
All reconciled by the blood of the cross… COL 1;20.
All justified by the one act of Christ – Romans 5:18,19.
AND BY THE WAY… There is a difference… a big difference between “forgiveness” and “justification”.
If there was a reason and a purpose behind your bad deed, then the deed was JUSTIFIED.
If I kill a man in New York City, and can prove that he was about to blow up the whole state of New York, I’m JUSTIFIED.
We don’t need “forgiveness” if we are justified. And Romans 5:18-19 says we are.
The James Gang wishes to enslave you again… and they do a good job of it. Every Baptist minister, Calvary Chapel minister, etc… are all part of the James Gang. They hate the evangel of Grace.
the pagan brothers from Antioch.

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