Dear Stacy,
There are cases where the gift cannot be rejected. Example: THE KINSMAN REDEEMER… in the O.T. if you got into trouble, even to the point where you lost all your property, and we’re imprisoned or made a slave… the ELDER BROTHER or nearest kinsman has an obligation to REDEEM YOU.
If he did not redeem you, his name was to be blotted out — not mentioned — in the genealogical records. His name was to be SO AND SO. And if the KINSMAN did redeem you, you had no choice but to follow along with his redemption. You could not remain a slave or deeply indebted, if you were redeemed.
You’ll find a KINSMAN REDEEMER story mentioned in the story of RUTH and BOAZ.
YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT IT… you have no option to REJECT IT. If you’re redeemed, you’re redeemed whether you like it or not.
Now, put this big idea into light with Christ, who is “the firstborn of all creation” (says Paul in Colossians 1:16) And as our “elder brother” he is obligated to redeem his KIN . And his redemption of creation must be complete or Christ’s name is to be SO AND SO (dishonor). Instead, we find that EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, AND EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS so that GOD GIVES HIM A NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES.

Maybe this example is not in the scripture, but if you’re lying unconscious and need an organ transplant, and a donor supplies the organ, you wake up and the “gift” cannot be rejected.

Again, this GIFT of redemption is not a choice on the part of the sinner, it is the operation of God, in the cross of Christ.
Christ to redeemed all.

So what, if some don’t see it, accept it, know it, YET… one day every knee will bow. One day, God will be all in all.

Brother Tony wrote a fine article about the KINSMAN REDEEMER we have in Christ. SEE THE ARTICLE HERE:

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