There is ONE condition for salvation

@exclusivejones There is ONE condition…TRUST that Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again. You keep telling me to get back to the cross and I am telling I never left. Christ didn’t fail at the cross and he isn’t failing to save sinners now. No, you won’t be separated from God because I hear you telling me that you trust in the testimony of Christ Jesus. Now please explain to me why any man will be cast into the LOF if all men were saved at the cross? How will that glorify God? How will that turn a man from the power of Satan unto God?

ohhhh. A serious question from my favorite Kiss,
OK, here’s the deal: There is ONE condition for salvation. And is “He died to save sinners”. So, that condition has been met. And YOU MUST believe it FOR it is true, that he died for your sin. It’s not that you MUST believe to make it true, it was true long before you believed. You were actually saved 2,000 years ago, when Jesus died for you and said IT IS FINISHED.
When God gives you faith, it is another proof of His saving work in your life. And it is evidence that you’re part of the Body of Christ. Not all believe, yet. But their salvation is assured by His death and resurrection, even if they do not believe. It is part of God’s eonian purpose.
He died for you before you were born. Before you sinned. Before you believed. It is HIS FAITH that actually saves all. We are actually saved by Christ’s faith.
The lake of fire, which is the 2nd death, has no power over the saving work of Christ. In fact, it seems to accentuate it.
Salvation is a dramatic event. The faith we have about the matter is a saving event. But the real saving event is when He abolishes death in us (the believers) at His appearing.
The non-believes will not see the abolition of death until the consummation.
You see, DEATH is the very last enemy to be destroyed or abolished. And if DEATH (the wages of sin) is abolished, then all must then be vivified.
The firstfruit of vivication is Christ. The next batch to be vivified are the believers. The final batch is all.
During the closing chapters of God’s eonian purpose has the scene of the “LOF”.
Therefore, If any man is cast into the lake of fire, it has to do with God’s purpose. Human destiny depends on the purpose of God.
If you ask why the sinner must die the 2nd death, you must also ask why we must die a first time. Why did Paul, Peter, James, John die? Well, the firstfruit is Christ. Believers must await His presence.
But the non-believer must await the consummation.
If God chooses to raise all to be judged, found guilty, and cast into the 2nd death, it’s still not the end of the story. You see, John’s book of Revelation is still short-sighted, compared to Paul’s vision in I COR 15:20-28.
John’s book closes with RULE, AUTHORITY, POWER and DEATH still prominent. But Paul sees the end of all 4 of those things.
So, it’s easy enough to say, John saw to the end of the 4th eon, but not to the end of the 5th eon.
The scriptures promise “the eons of the eons”… which seems to suggest the final two eons are the best yet to come.
Yes, the 2nd death is dramatic, and frightful, but one day… one day… “death, the last enemy, will be abolished.”
Salvation is saving our heart, mind, body and finally it is saving our soul from death. Real death… not some fanciful pretend death, like most Christians believe… you’re dead but not really dead… as they believe in the “immortality of the soul” (an idea promoted by Plato). No death is a serious matter. And the resurrection is a serious cure.
He was roused for our justification. So says Paul.

P.S. One more thing. It’s important. The lake of fire doesn’t turn anyone from the “power of satan” to God. It’s the cross that turns us to God.

P.P.S. God promises the 2nd death for many (through John’s revelation). God promises the vivification of all (through Paul’s revelation I COR 15:20-28)
Can’t both be true?
Those who are raised to face judgement and the 2nd death, are merely raised from the dead, but they are not vivified at that time. Lazarus was raised from the dead, but went on to die again, as he was not vivified.
Vivification has begun, but won’t be finalized until DEATH, THE LAST ENEMY, IS ABOLISHED.
Being raised from the dead, is not necessarily vivification.
Christ was not merely raised, but was vivified. Unable to die again.
I Cor 15:20-28 promises that all will be vivified in Christ…. when death is abolished.

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  1. DEATH is the last enemy to be destroyed. But what is the pecking order for RULE, AUTHORITY, and POWER? (which of those three are destroyed first, second, and third, before finally death?)



    1. I think that RULE, AUTHORITY, AND POWER come to an end when Christ gives up his kingdom at the end of the eons.
      All in one fell swoop.
      Then death.. the wages of sin… is undone and all find themselves filled up with God in total… God all in all.

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