Think About Your Thoughts

When I got divorced some years ago… there was nothing outlandish in our story… she was rather normal, and I fancy so was I. But during the whole process of splitting up and trying to reconcile… I discovered that she did not/could not “THINK ABOUT HER THOUGHTS”.
That whole divorce thing set me on a journey to THINK ABOUT MY THOUGHTS.
WOW … what a journey.
We have these thoughts… but where did they come from ?
The history of thought is a powerful thing.
Why do people think this, as oppose to that?
Why do Damn Yankees have self-righteous, meddlesome thinking, whereas as Southerners are known for their “HOSPITALITY” and when you knock on their door, they say “Hi Shug, come on in, are you hungry?”
Southerners think differently than Damn Yankees… but why?
Turns out New England was settled by uptight Londoners also known as “Puritans”… and the South was settled by Scotts who didn’t want to meddle, just wanted to be left alone.
My point is… THINKING ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS… and our way of thinking… what ever it is…comes to us from somewhere.
Regarding economic thought: most folks think like John Maynard Keynes.
If you escape Keynes’ way of thinking, you’ll discover Von Mises. — Either way, your thoughts have a history beyond your little brain.
My wife wanted a divorce.
I asked WHY? (I’ve since learned you should never ask a woman WHY?) — She gave me one lame excuse after another.
She did not know how to THINK ABOUT HER THOUGHTS.
Truthfullly, she wanted the divorce because she was bored with things. And she wanted the newness of chasing the milkman or the biker dude. Whatever.
But she couldn’t say to her family and friends, “I’m bored, so I’m divorcing him.”
No. You need to justify yourself… so you invent excuses galore.
One of her excuses for the divorce was this, she said: “My brother walked the dog and no one had to ask him to walk the dog.”
Who can puzzle that one out?
Anyway… back to FREEWILLers… and their way of thinking. They are just as stubborn and self-righteous as any unpleasant person you’d ever meet… and yet, they can totally justify themselves and their behavior.
They THINK they have a freewill… when in fact they are oh-soooo predictable.
I quoted Romans 11:32 (God locks up all in stubborness) to my favorite FREEWILL CHICK — saying to her — “God told me you were stubborn.” (Speaking as if I were a Southern Baptist who had a personal conversation with God.) And she was very insistent “I AM NOT STUBBORN!!! I CLEARLY HUMBLED MYSELF TO GOD.” etc.
As to THE HISTORY OF THOUGHT… we who seek out God find that truly God is the ultimate source of all thought.
The serpent in the Garden… did not have an original thought when he said to the woman “YOU WON’T REALLY DIE.”
He was playing his part.
All is out of God, through God and for God. Remember? (ROM 11:36)
God hardens whom he wills. (Romans 8 and 9)
In a sense, we read the bible to discover the HISTORY OF THOUGHT.
We want to have RIGHT THINKING.
We’re all like Saul on the road to Damascus … knocked off our feet and blinded, hearing a voice but seeing no one.
I for one, am thrilled to be on this journey to discover the HISTORY OF THOUGHT… as it has led me to God.
Grace to you, sir.

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