But why?
Evil and sin are not the same thing.
Evil is as simple as falling out of a tree.
Sin is a mistake. The word “sin” and the word “miss” are the same word in the bible.
But why did God create evil? You know, Adam in the garden had it good, but he didn’t know it was good, as there was nothing to compare it to.
The forbidden fruit was the knowledge of both, good and evil.
But without knowing evil, we can never know “good”.
If God wants us to know that He is good… we must have that contrast and know both good and evil.
The book below helped me understand this problem.
Get it and enjoy.

The Problem of Evil and the Judgments of God
This book traces the divine function of evil (whatever is harmful or destructive) from its inception to its consummation, by presenting scriptural solutions to the various long-debated questions concerning God and His sovereignty. As one of its subjects, it probes and takes issue with the commonly accepted explanation that Satan, and not God, is responsible for evil. To quote the book’s author: “Almost all of us are shortsighted. We see the judgments, but fail to recognize that they are only part of God’s way with mankind, that they are definitely not an end. We confuse the going with the goal. Judgment is God’s strange work. He uses it as a preparation toward a glorious consummation.” The message in this book is especially valuable to us in these days of doubt and distress, to lead men to rely on and rest in God alone.

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