Why Justification Is A Settle Matter.

25 Who was given up because of our offenses, and was roused because of our justifying.

QUESTION: Why was Christ roused from the dead?
Answer: He was roused for/because of our justification.

Let’s see if this makes sense:
Question: Why did Christ die?
Answer: He died for/because of our sins.

Big Thought Here:
Our sins are un-disputable, right?
No one, but no one, disputes that we’re all a bunch of rag-tag sinners.
Why did he die? He died as matter of fact… FOR our sins.
Why was He roused from the dead? He was roused as a matter of fact… FOR our justification.

Our sins are a settled matter.
Our justification is a settled matter in the same way.
Both caused Him to so something.
Our sins caused His death, our justification caused His rising again.

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